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It Doesn't Pay to be Lazy

Do you ever have one of those days when you wake up and you know it's going to be a lazy kind of day? An hour after rising from my comfy bed I knew I wasn't going to accomplish much. I didn't have my daily list made either, so I was already behind before I even got started.

The only thing I did of value was cook a turkey dinner for us all. Everyone was grateful. Who wouldn't be. While that was much appreciated and very tasty I didn't do anything else. I was so lazy I didn't even take a nap. How does one let that happen?

Since the rule is the cook doesn't have to clean I took advantage of that and hit the road with Bruce after supper for a quick bike ride. I didn't want to go far so we would have time to hit the pool. We just pushed it hard for 10 miles. Shortly into the ride my feet started to hurt. I soon realized I was wearing my regular socks and not my sport toe socks. If you have followed me at all on my hiking adventures you will recall my foot issues. Toe socks help my feet not to hurt so bad. I was in a hurry to get out and didn't feel like changing socks. Mistake number 1.

The next thing I didn't do was to ice my water bladder. That doesn't seem too bad but down here in Florida, drinking 80 degree water does little to quench one's thirst. To make matters worse I was starting to get a sore throat. The breathing hard from the workout and warm water only made it worse.

Bedtime came and my throat was proving to be more than just dryness from the warm weather. I knew I was getting a cold. It went from a mild uncomfortable feeling to raw in two hours. Bruce being the kind hubby that he is Googled the hours for a local store and asked if I wanted him to take me there to get some cold meds. They were open until midnight and it was 10:45pm. I was too lazy to go and I didn't want to inconvenience him. At 12:30am I couldn't sleep because my throat was now on fire, I couldn't swallow, and it was too late to do anything about it.

After a night spent watching every hour on the clock I was up early and said in my hoarse scratchy voice, "I am ready to go to the store now." Which we did and loaded up on cough drops, cold meds, ginger, and other stuff to tackle this head on.

Moral of the story, It doesn't pay to be lazy!!!

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