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Meet Mr. Barney

In the spirit of social distancing, self-isolation, and forced quarantine. I will do my best to share sunshine and happy thoughts through words, pics, and videos. Hoping to brighten your day a little and give you something to look forward to.

Since most humans find animals calming, I thought I would start with a post about our furry friend. Meet Barney - aka - Mr. Barney, Barn-boy, Puppy, and whatever name-of-the-day we decide to call him. You may recognize him from other posts but he was never properly introduced. Barney is our 12 year old black lab mix rescue who we thought wasn't going to make it through last summer. But here he is, alive and well.

Mr. Barney is the best dog ever. He listens, he is polite, he is trainable, he isn't a fussy eater, he still loves me when I yell at him, and he doesn't run off - sounds like qualities for a good husband.

When Barney was young he loved to run in the woods, go for long walks, and trot through the ditches. But just like us, years have a way of slowing you down. Add a few fatty tumors and a breathing issue and that will really slow you down. That is the case for Mr. Barney. But he is a trooper and keeps on going.

Yesterday we went for our hike. The same one I have been doing all winter, up behind the house, to Mollie's trail, and beyond. But yesterday we didn't go beyond. Barney was a little prima dona.

Enjoy these video clips of yesterday's hike. Some of Barney, some of nature's soothing sounds.

Wet Paws

Stream of Serenity

I want to go home.

Not all labs like water.

Time to go home.

More soothing sounds of spring.

A smile for you.

Hope you enjoyed our hike. Today we will be going on a different sort of adventure. Check back tomorrow for what's going on with Emily's Escapades.

Have a wonderful day. Barney says he is paws-itive your day will be great if you just remember to stop and don't fret. Chase your tail if you must, or go around the wet spots if you need to, but in the end, there is a couch somewhere you can sleep your woes away.


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