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Miles of Smiles

Yesterday I told you I had a different sort of adventure planned for today, which was actually yesterday. But my time frame doesn't necessarily follow the 24hr clock. It is when I get up and go to bed. It's 2:48am Saturday morning, but for me, it is still part of Friday. Saturday doesn't happen until I go to bed and wake back up, which hopefully won't be until several hours of ZZZZZZZZ's

Hubby's and my adventure started with picking up a UHaul trailer from our son's place. Then driving it to his and his fiancé's new place out of state. Sounds exciting. But it was more like a double-edged sword.

Traveling during this time with COVID-19 was not something we wanted to do for our safety and/or the safety of others, more the latter. We have put ourselves in the high-risk category since our other son works at the airport. So we are limiting what we do to just the absolute necessities. This move could not be put off.

So road trip it was. A long day, round trip, out of state and back. I should be tired but a large coffee with triple shot of espresso at 9pm has me pumped. Lucky you, my readers, will have a post waiting for you to enjoy with your cup of morning Joe.

It was miles of smiles for Bruce and I. It was just him and I in the truck after we dropped off son #1 at work. Before the miles of smiles though, I added another skill set to my ever growing tool box. I thought of telling Bruce if I keep acquiring these new skills he might not be needed much longer. I retracted that thought knowing he would remind me of the fact the skills I am racking up still don't bring in any cash flow except outwards. I didn't want that reminder.

In all my years of living in Maine as an outdoor enthusiast, from boating, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, bait trapping and so much more, I have never hauled a trailer of any sorts. It was kind of forced upon me today. Bruce couldn't drive at first, he had calls to make. I didn't want to admit to Stephen I had never done it before. So when the trailer was attached I jumped back into the driver's seat like I knew what I was doing. Silent prayers were never said so loudly before.

(My view from the driver's seat. One I have never seen before.)

(Another view from my driver's seat. I have never driven a vehicle I could not see out the back.)

My heart was beating so hard I was sure they could hear it. I drove away thankful in a slight way that this Corona thing had people at home and not on the roads. I made it to the interstate. Next was to the airport. Thankfully again, traffic was light. Back on the interstate after safely navigating around the airport.

I've got this. Cruising at a top speed of 55mph on the interstate was all I dared to go, since every time I looked in the side mirror a reminder of the max speed was posted on the trailer I was hauling. An hour and half later it was time to gas up. Back off the interstate and this time I had to pull up to the pumps. Once again, light traffic and few customers. At this point Bruce was done his calls and I gladly handed him the keys.

The drive was easy and beautiful as the sunset highlighted the clouds in hues of grey kissed with pink and orange. At one point I unknowingly captured a Bald Eagle in a photo. He is hard to see but I know it is there.

(Inside the red circle really is a Bald Eagle.)

We even crossed the Appalachian Trail. For those of you who have been around my blog for a while know that is my favorite place to be.

(I am always home when I see a white blaze.)

Driving with a trailer wasn't so bad. Just like everything else I try, it is never as hard as I perceive it to be.

We delivered the goods, enjoyed a quick pizza while social distancing ourselves from Patch, Brittany, and their two friends who were helping them move in. That was tough. I was not going to see them again for a while and I could not give hugs or kisses. Air hugs and kisses would have to do. Our picture together seems so cold as we each kept our own personal space.

(Oh the joys of being young. Patch unhooked the loaded trailer and moved it by himself so we didn't have to back it up.)

The drive was nice after being cooped up for a few days. Maybe you might like to give that a try if you are able. I don't recommend a long trek like we did. We had no choice. But if you are feeling like your walls are closing in, jump in the car and take a cruise. Roll the windows down and let the cool spring air fill your lungs. Enjoy the clouds of a sunrise or sunset. Keep an eye out for the critters who are starting their spring habits, especially the deer, they are herding together. Enjoy this time to do things you don't normally have time to do.

4:01am Friday night has come to an end. Good night


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