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Anyone have one of these on your fridge?

And I am not talking about for your kids, this is mine. To go with it is the daily schedule.

I need structure. I don't like structure, but I need it. I prefer to go with the flow, fly by the seat of my pants, live in the moment, and whatever euphemism describes an abstract random personality. So, I created myself chores lists. I am more productive that way.

I built in a back up claus for myself so I wouldn't feel stressed about not following the schedule to a "T". I never can understand myself. I love to be free, and whimsical, but if I am given a task to do, or directions, I follow it. And everyone is in trouble if I have a goal or challenge to complete. Don't get in my way. Sometimes I feel like I am a living oxymoron. One day I am organized and structured, the next day, I am like, "Oh, well, whatever." Maybe there is a diagnosis for that.

I love Mondays, I get to tend to my plants. They only need watering once a week, the low maintenance kind. I talk to each one of them and tell them how pretty they are. I ask them what they need, I dust them and spritz them. And I thank them for making clean air for us.

Enjoy my beauties. I don't know what most of them are. If you do and want to send me a comment I would most appreciate it.

This plant was given to my dad when my mom died in 1993. I was given the plant in 2017 when dad died. I have since kept it thriving and have made other plants from her like the one below. And another one I gave away.

The newest baby from the plant above.

This friendship plant belongs to my neighbor. I take care of her while they snowbird to Tybee Island. With Corona keeping us apart now, I get to keep her a little while longer.

Don't know what this is. I purchased her last summer and she has tripled in size.

Don't know what this is either. Those two different colored "things" change color but never seem to die off.

Don't know this either. I just like her. I think she needs a bigger pot though.

These ferns are a lively addition to our bathroom. Hubby keeps getting toothpaste spittle all over his.

Mine is Sensodyne free.

An orchid I "ruined". I trimmed the growth thingys that produce the flowers. I still like her greenery though.

This giant beauty is a cactus rescue. My friend, Dee gave her to me summer of 2014. Dee was going to chuck her but I said I would take her. She was sickly. I nursed her back to health. She now has a diameter of 4 feet.

Another view of Big Bertha. She dropped her last bloom a few days ago. Both my cactuses bloom whenever, just never around Christmas.

Another Christmas cactus rescue from Dee. This little girl was tiny. She is going to be more of an Easter cactus this year.

This recovering girl used to have a dozen tendrils that were each over 12 feet long. She lived above my shower and her leads draped around the shower opening like a shower curtain but much more beautiful. Then she started growing up the wall.

After our last trip away for a couple months, I returned home and the plants looked so sad. Stephen our son, assured us he followed the directions. After all, they needed watering only once a week. But this one didn't make it. So, I trimmed her tendrils to nubs. Left these attached to the wall and tried to root them in water but it didn't work. Now, I need to pull them off the wall but that will create another job of painting. So there they cling, sad reminders of neglect.

I asked Stephen if he talked to the plants while we were gone. He replied, "No."

Even plants needs conversation. So if you are going stir crazy in your social distancing, get yourself a few plants next time you head out to the grocery store. They brighten up your home. They make fresh air. They don't dirty dishes. And they don't talk back either.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday. My plants are happy and so am I after telling them all my woes. Next on my list for Monday is to vacuum rugs and the floors. I think I will instate the back up claus.

"This is not carved in stone. Appointments, errands, charity, fun as needed."


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