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For everyone that asks, "So what did you do all winter?" "Or what do you do all day?"

Here is my new release!!!

(Front Cover)

(Back Cover)

I am jumping the gun just a tad though. I don't actually have the book in stock yet. But it will be available really soon. Sooner on Amazon, then on my website. I just finalized everything today, uploaded it to Kindle Direct Publishing and now I just sit back and wait a few days while the cogs turn behind the scenes. Then I will be able to order my copies and have them ready for you. That will take a few weeks. If you'd like one sooner, my guess is, the title will be available on Amazon by Friday, July 23, 2022. If not, I'll make a correction post.

Pre-orders can be placed from my website under "BOOKS". Thank you in advance for a pre-order. It helps to cover the up-front costs of self-publishing.

This is my gift to God, I look forward to see how he sees fit to use it.

Happy Hiking


July 19, 2022 Update: It's available now on Amazon. Once I receive my author copies I will have them for sale on my website and in person.


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