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Borestone is not a bore

View from just before Borestone's west peak looking at Barren Ledges and Barren Mountain)

If you were wondering where I was yesterday, I wasn't at my desk writing. Instead I was immersing myself in some nature therapy. So, I am a day late but I was way over due for a dose of fresh air and views.

Sunday evening I checked with hubby to see if he could take the day off to go hiking. I just needed to escape out into the wilderness to decompress. He declined, work projects were on his agenda. So I reached out to my friend Stacey, she is always up for a hike somewhere. With a quick peek at some trail guides and back and forth texting, we chose Borestone Mountain over by Williamantic, Maine.

There is no sense in me reinventing the wheel, so if you want detailed information about Borestone Mountain's 3.5 mile summit loop trail, it can be found on Borestone Mountain Audubon Sanctuary's website or on several hiking trail guidebooks and apps. I like AllTrails.

What I will tell you about is the incredible last minute adventure Stacey and I had. There seems to be a recurring theme to several of my posts this year - impromptu. I don't know if it's because things are just crazy in life right now, if I am too lazy to plan efficiently, or too uncommitted to plan, but whatever the reason, the lack of scheduling trips has provided for some fabulous outings.

I tend to be one who likes to plan everything out to the letter so there are not surprises. But I have learned that can also be stressful. I have been known to spend days, if not weeks, planning a one day trip somewhere. While I enjoy the logistics and figuring out what needs to be done, when and where, those around me do not. But, I am kind of liking this laissez-faire attitude. It's fun and it is waaaayyyyy more relaxing.

Borestone is a short mountain with two tops separated by a short saddle. But don't let it's squatness fool you, Borestone is not a bore. Right off the parking lot, the trail starts up FAST!!! My Covid-40 - weight gained during Covid - had me huffing and puffing real quick. No worries though, despite my Micheline-man figure, the trail's aggressiveness did not stop me or Stacey.

The quick ascent dumped us at the Audubon welcome center that sits next to a pond at the base of the mountain.

Besides the summit trail, there are other things to see in the area, just watch your step. Cliffs, bogs, and old fencing could trip you up.

Stacey and Emily

The day started out foggy and misty. We were quite thrilled when it burned off leaving us with a brilliant October sky. We almost changed trails but decided to stick with our plans to hike Borestone.

As usual, when we get together, it was non-stop talking, except to catch my breath on the steepest parts and to gain my composure for the transition from treeline to above treeline.


That's me in the center of the photo. Photo by Stacey Morneault. I was so glad the sun dried the morning fog and mist from the ledges.

Stacey and I felt like we had been transported to some other place and time. We only saw a small handful of people and they were spread out, I think only 13 people max the whole trip and it was only ever two at a time except for the one family of 5 we passed on our way down.

We enjoyed both peaks, relaxing and having a snack on the east peak.

We didn't want to leave. I am short on words to describe yesterday's adventure. It was simply marvelous. I think Stacey said it best when she sent the following text to me this morning. "I'm still so happy from hiking yesterday."

What single dose of drug still has positive affects - without side affects - 15 hours later? None, that I know of.

Happy Hking



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