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Gotta Love Taco Tuesday

Well, April Fools for us. Winter just won't let go. We woke up to this yet again.

At least this time of year it usually melts by sundown. But it is hard to make any progress when the sun spends all it's energy melting what snow fell the night before. I predict we have a chance of snow for only the next two weeks, then we should be out of the clear. As much as I want sunny days and mild temps, the white stuff sure does paint a pretty picture.

Yesterday I mentioned my corny names for the days. Trusty Tuesday happened yesterday. Good thing I spent the day taking part in comforting and relaxing activities that rested my spirit. It prepared me for Wacky Wednesday. I envisioned it being something silly I would do, like wear funny clothes in public, or do something strange and fun. That wasn't the case.

Maybe if I had named Wednesday a little more positive, it would have gone better. I guess naming a day Wacky on April Fool's, was doomed to fail. What could go wrong the day after a state mandate of having to stay home except for essential workers and buying necessities?

I left home early. Our frozen blueberry supply was gone. We need those antioxidants to keep us healthy. The source was 2 hours away. I called ahead to pay by phone and for contactless pick-up. On the way I stopped at a big box store to check on a few other essentials. Mistake #1. I know a lot of good is going around, neighbors helping neighbors, front line workers helping the ill, and so on. But that wasn't the case at this big box store. I actually had to stop and laugh as I watched a very aged man and just as aged women go at it. What could I do, but laugh, I certainly wasn't going to get in the middle and violate the 6' rule. After-all, that is what sparked this heated feud between the two seniors.

I mozied on my way and every time I proceeded down an isle, there stood two employees blocking the isle, gabbing as they nonchalantly put goods on the shelf. Mind you, not once were these employees following the 6' rule, even though signs plastered the store telling everyone to keep their distance. Only once I was asked if I needed help. I politely said, "No thanks, just looking." That's not what I really wanted to say.

Before I left home I admitted to Hubby and Stephen, our son, I was actually starting to feel concerned. Stephen reassured me now was not the time to get upset. Instead it was the time to be strong. Okay. I can do that. When I left that store I was feeling slightly worse then when I left home.

It was a really Wacky Wednesday. Each stop with the exception of getting blueberries and my car fixed, was weird. It was like all the crazies were out. No one said hi, and few people made eye contact. It was so depressing. I am such a people person and to see the behavior of everyone was such a disappointment.

I get it! Everyone is scared, but let's not lose our humaneness. We are all in this together. Like Stephen said, "Now is not the time to be more anxious." Let's be strong everyone. Yes, keep your distance. Stay home except for the absolute, self isolate as needed. But, be kind. You will not get infected by giving a smile.

I made it home after a roller coaster of anxiety and home is where I plan to stay for the next two weeks. Hopefully, today's trip topped off our pantry and fridge. Not sure I can handle another Wacky Wednesday soon.

Each mile I traveled north away from the city, I relaxed a little more until I was actually singing with the radio. Sorry Dad, you can't shut me off. (See yesterday's post for inside joke.) I saw a fox trotting along without a care in the world. I relaxed a little more. When I got off my exit and drove passed a local park flooded with melting snow, I saw ducks and geese just chilling.

I relaxed a little more. I heard a voice whisper in my ear, "Things are going to be okay." And I believed it.

The good thing about Wacky Wednesday is that it is preceded by Trusty Tuesday - or as Hubby requested, Taco Tuesday. Taco Tuesday produces leftover. There is nothing that calms anxiety like a plate of good food.

At home, away from the stress of crowded stores, sitings of nature to ease my nerves, a full tummy, a loving son and hubby, and a voice from what I truly believe was from Heaven, helped me make it through today. Another day down and I am equipped to take on tomorrow.

May you find peace in this wacky world. Just remember, the best way to receive peace, is to first give it. So, please, smile. If your pearly whites are covered by an N-95, still smile. It will show in your eyes.


Laugh of the day:

What did the duck say after he was done shopping?

"Put it on my bill."


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