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I need to tell everyone

So, this summer I heard those dreadful words from my physician for the first time ever. Don't worry, it wasn't the big "C", but I have heard those words before. Don't worry again, all is fine in that category. While the diagnosis given is not immediately life threatening, if not taken care of can cause a whole host of health issues.

I don't remember exactly what he said, but what I heard was, "You are fat and need to lose 20 pounds by your next appointment or you will die." He inferred that number was just a start. UUGGGHHHH!!! I know! I know! All of you, who know and see me, you all tell me, "You look fine." That's cuz none of you are brave enough to tell me, "Wow, you've really packed it on." Those exact words were told to me once by an ER doctor when I was pregnant. While I do appreciate your kind words, I get it. In the grand picture, I may look fine, but I don't feel fine.

My doctor didn't need to tell me anything I didn't already know. UGGGHHHHH!!!! But it was an eye opener. I just can't seem to put the fork down. I love food, all foods! I like healthy foods, I like junk foods. I love my own cooking, which is scrumptious, just ask me, and I'll tell you how good it is. HAHAHA. I love food so, much my license plate has a reference to food.

With all my eating, I have never had a real weigh problem. Sure, I have had 10 -15 pounds that come and go like the tide over the years but nothing serious. The only difference from the past and the present is that I have not been as active as I should have been since my last AT hike three years ago. So, what am I going to do about it? Well, apparently, I haven't done anything. It was 2 months ago and I have not lost a single pound. I keep starting and restarting. I can't seem to hold myself accountable. So, I need to tell everyone about my goal and how I am going to drop those Michelin Man rolls.

This weekend I was skimming through my manuscript for my memoire - the adult version of my AT hike - looking for a passage to read at a book signing for a sneak peak of my next book. I read how I told everyone I spoke to, whether I knew them or not, that I was going to hike the AT. I figured the more people I told, the harder it was to back out. After all, I need to save face, right? I figured I would try that principle here. It is so much easier for me to be accountable to others than to myself. I like to keep my word.

Welcome to my weight loss adventure. I bet several of you have taken that journey, want to take it, or are already on it. Don't worry, this blog will not become another spot for weight loss tips, do's and don'ts of the dieting dilemma. The wheel has already been invented on that, several times over. I will just post my progress at the end of my weekly posts. And, yes, maybe share a recipe or two once in a while. If you'd like the one for the gluten free zucchini cake with cream cheese frosting I just had for breakfast send me a message. What? I didn't say I started yet. After I hit publish, the weight will start to come off. I promise.

Before I leave on that note, I will share a few pictures. Some from last night and some from this morning. Just to give you your daily dose of Maine's goodness.

Katahdin from Abol Bridge - Bruce and I went there for a quick drive so he could video me reading my children's book. I met a wonderful mother and daughter and the daughter's two children. I invited them to sit in for the reading. It was so much fun. One or all - who knows - of those videos will be available for purchase later on. Not sure if I want them uncut or spiced up.

This is my camp road. I never tire of the road. Here is one last fall tree haning on to her beautiful leaves.

Misty morning sunshine on the lake is so awesome. The crisp overnight air tickles the warmer water creating the fog. The best of film makers would love to have the ability to generate such beauty.

Happy Hiking.


Weight loss starting numbers

Ht: 5'31/2"

Wt: 77.5 Kg (that looks better than pounds)

Measurements: TBA

BP/HR 110/60, 60 (those numbers are great still)


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