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Into the Wild

(Can you find Barney?)

I don't like the name for today, Wacky Wednesday. Do you have any better ideas I can use? If so, please drop them in the comment below. If I like it, I will use it. I am thinking of switching it to Wild Wednesday. Maybe that will encourage me to get out. It's not like I need a reason to get out and about. I love to do so, but do you ever just feel like staying put and not leaving your comfort zone, even though you know better things are out there. That's me often.

But today, I dragged myself away from our stay at home prison. First I made my list for today so time wouldn't slip away like yesterday. Ignoring everything else that is piling up, I packed my day pack, collared the dog, and headed out.

Up I went to the back road that used to be covered in snow. Not any more, or at least until Thursday night, 6"-12" of the white stuff predicted for tomorrow night into Friday. Oh, yay! Some years we have a green Christmas and a white Easter. Gotta love Maine!

This road isn't used much, that's why I like to take it. The main camp road is getting so populated. Almost time to move again.

There is still a little snow in spots, just enough to remind one that Mother Nature is still in charge and not to be bossed around.

Just a little past this section, Barney and I flushed a partridge. I never get used to that sound. It makes my heart fly out of my chest and my senses swirl in hysteria. Barney wasn't phased at all. He is getting too old to bother chasing the wildlife anymore.

The spring run off filled the rivulets, ditches, and low spots. Unlike hubby who doesn't like to get his boots wet, I found the water to be fun. Even Barney dipped his paws in a few times rather than meander around the soupy areas.

(Love my LLBean Cresta hiking boots - totally waterproof)

As you can see, it isn't really a trail that I call Mollie's trail. It's only a "trail" because I call it that. It's really just a leftover logging operation with a criss-cross of skiddah paths and old cuttings. It's close to the house, quiet, and my little escape.

A partridge wasn't the only wildlife sign we saw. There was moose pooh - biggie ones and baby ones. Probably last years calf, this years aren't born yet. We saw fresh moose tracks from this morning. On the way back home we even saw deer tracks in our tracks.

(Moose track - half covered)

(Moose pooh - this was the big stuff. I should have put something next to it for reference.)

When I planned my first Appalachian Trail through hike I had visions of leisurely hiking through the woods and resting whenever and wherever with naps in the woods. Boy was I misguided. That was so far from reality it wasn't even on the same planet. Leisurely hiking cannot be used in the same sentence as through hike. If there was time for a nap it was short lived if I wanted to make it to the day's destination. And it definitely didn't involve a hammock.

But today it did!

(Hammock with a view)

Social distancing at its best!

I really didn't want to get dressed, pack my gear, get the dog ready, and leave the comforts of my home. But I am sure glad I did. Sometimes we just have to give up the good to go for the great.



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