It's Labor Day weekend already!

No more excuses. My last post explained I would be gone for awhile as we concentrated on our son's wedding. Well, that was over a month ago. I have been feeling guilty and empty since not picking back up writing my blog. I can't believe it is Labor Day weekend already.

There is so much to catch you up on but so little time. I will just have to attempt to fill in the gaps with future postings. The micro update version is: The wedding was awesome. Ziggy is now seven months old. Our roof has finally been re-shingled. Everyone's health is well. We have a new kitten. My garden did well and is still producing, despite the lack of TLC it received. And we have been out hiking every weekend.

The main focus of my life is Ziggy. Sure, he would take a back seat if truly important family matters came up, but they haven't, so he is top priority. Some days I second guess my choice in breeds - an Australian Cattle Dog is not for everyone - then he will have a "good" day and I forget about the challenges h