It's okay to have ME time S1 E7

Ziggy is turning into one heck of hiking partner. We hit the trails almost every day last week. Mostly just up back on Mollie's Trail. If you've been around awhile, you'll know that's our go-to trail for everyday fitness right out our front door. We named it after a dog we had years ago. I am still keeping the miles short for Ziggy, but we did have a couple days over three and a half miles. Most research says, not to work your puppy too hard, don't let them jump, and make sure they get plenty of rest. And of course, we do that. But some days, I wonder if those who wrote those guidelines every actually owned a puppy and if they did, it probably wasn't a cattle dog. It's hard to keep the pup down. My vet and one trainer said, "Just be smart." - yikes, that's me we're talking about - "You'll know what the right amount of exercise is for your pup if you observe closely." And they were right.

He doesn't seem to tire out though. We hike, we play, we train, we do brain games, and other dog-fun activities, and he still wants to go, go, go. We are very focused on what is best for Ziggy from the food he eats, to where he goes, to any plans we make and or have to cancel. It is to the point of almost being a fanatic. One look at our house and it is obvious where our attention lies. It is basically baby proofed, everything of importance is up off the floor. Dog toys litter the living areas, sticks, pinecones, and other natural elements have secretly found their way inside