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It's Still Snowing

Sorry if you missed me yesterday. I took Sunday off.

Bruce and I tried to keep the day as normal as we could. We started by NOT listening to the news. I just needed something uplifting and I wasn't going to get it from anything the airwaves were sending out. I figured one day away from broadcasts wouldn't harm us.

Instead of attending church, we streamed it. Not quite the same, but it's the best we can do right now. After "church" we had breakfast, then gathered our trash to take to the transfer station. You know you are from Maine when you enjoy a trip to the local dump. That wasn't quite the same either. Ron, the attendant, usually comes out to help and carry on a delightful conversation. But even he kept his distance and only peaked out of his shed for a quick wave.

From there we went to the grocery store. Before we left we called a couple neighbors to see if they needed anything. So glad we could help. We were out and about anyway so why not grab a few extra items to save someone else a trip. That was not quite the same either. When we delivered the goods, instead of the friendly 5-10 minute chit-chat sessions it was more like ding-dong ditch. Is this what the new norm is going to be for a while?

I really don't mind not being able to go any place. I am kind of a home body. But I like to get outside. I know we live in Maine. It snows as late as mid April. But ENOUGH ALREADY! Woke up to this again. Most of the snow was gone yesterday except the snowbanks and where the sun doesn't hit. I am anxious to plant those gardens and move those mounds of dirt you see.

Living in Maine one develops patience and fortitude. The winters here are long and hard and without those characteristics trouble could arise. I am not saying we don't snap at times. But, maybe that's why so many of my fellow Maine-iacs are doing so well with this pandemic. We are used to hard times.

If you are losing patience, going stir crazy, or just need some TLC, rub some virtual elbows with one of the 1.3 million citizens of this beautiful state. You may have to dig us out of a snow bank or thaw us out, but we are willing to share some of our fortitude and love with you. Cuz that's what we Mainers do, we help.

Today's comic relief:

Things Mainers appreciate:

1. A Saturday night "suppah" out consists of baked beans and red hot dogs served in a top-split roll.

2. You can't get there from here.

3. The women hunt, the men pick berries, and the children run wild from June to September.

4. You know what quality "lobstah" tastes like.

5. Everything is 'Wicked this' or 'Wicked that'.

6. You know what 'The County' is referring to.

7. 207 is one of your self-identifying numbers.

8. Seeing a 'Moose Crossing' sign is more cause for alarm than seeing a 'Children at Play' sign.

10. Depending on the season, 45 degrees (F) can be a completely different temperature.

These and other great Maine-isms were found at Society19, The Odyssey Online, and Matadornetwork.

Have a great Monday


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Mar 30, 2020

You forgot the Moxie!

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