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New Series Pilot: Ziggy Tails Week One S1 E1

As promised last week, here is my new series, Ziggy Tails. Last week I briefly introduced Ziggy, our new puppy. We took that marathon trip to Missouri where we purchased this adorable pup from TLC Australian Cattle Dogs. What a first week we have had. It has been just like having a new born and toddler all at the same time. Sleep and productivity are only done in between short bouts of puppy naps and night time potty trips. To say the least, I am a little tired this first week. The benefit though, I am getting up early, getting outside regularly and often, getting lots of puppy loving, and relearning efficiency. There is no time to squander on the non-important tasks.

If Ziggy could talk this is what he would have to say about his first week here.

"What a week I have had. It's hard being a puppy in a new home. There is so much to learn and I am the only one here who walks on all fours. I have been having a good time though. I have lots of toys, I get to go outside often, and Mommie and Daddy give me lots of hugs and kisses, sometimes too many. When I try to kiss them back I nibble a little too hard and then they put me down. My siblings let me do that so I thought they would like it too. I just get so excited to be loved on, I want to love them right back. My human sibling lets me nibble harder than Mommie, I guess he is tougher than she is.

I hear Mommie tell me I am a good boy all the time except when I bite her heels. I get confused. That's what my ancestors were raised to do for many many years. She doesn't yell at me though. She just gets a toys and then I play with that. It's hard to break an ingrained instinct. I hear her say I am getting better. It's more fun to play with the toy anyway.

I have learned to sit, walk beside Mommie and sit when she stops, Touch is another skill I am learning. When Mommie and I are outside and I get too far from her, she puts her hand down and I run and touch it. That keeps me close to her. Sometimes when I get there there is a treat in her hand waiting for me. I really like that. I am learning to be patient when she feeds me, that is really hard. I like to eat as much as I can, as fast as I can. I am also learning to shake. Why dogs need to do that, I am not sure, but I like to please my new family, so I am trying.

A few days ago my parents gave me three new toys, A super sized bouncy-ball, a soccer ball, and a tennis ball. Mommie said the big one was her exercise ball and since she isn't using it - obviously, have you seen the size of her - I could have it. I really like all three balls, they roll, they bounce, and they remind me of the cows my ancestors used to herd.

I am getting used to my schedule. I eat, play, train, sleep, pee, poop, repeat. I am growing fast. I weighed 10.14 pounds last Monday. I am not sure what I weigh now, but Mommie says she thinks I look like a little piggy and that I look taller. I don't mind being called a piggy, they are cute too.

Mommie has been taking lots of pictures and videos of me. She isn't very good at it. I try to sit still for her but I get so excited. Then when I am sleeping she forgets to take pictures because she is busy getting stuff done while I snooze. She plays country music for me when I nap. I love that, but I heard Daddy say it gives him a headache. It's not American not to like country music.

Yesterday Mommie got very angry at Daddy. She was busy cooking and he was supposed to be watching me. I tinkled on the floor, My first accident. She wasn't mad at me. I am just a baby and trying hard to do what is right. I haven't figure it all out yet. She blamed Daddy for not watching my behavior. But guess what, today I tinkled again when I was with Mommie, She was training me and went over time and forgot to let me out. Oops, guess, it wasn't just Daddy's fault.

Some silly things I do that make my family laugh. I bark at empty plastic bottles. I bark at my toy if it falls off my bed and I am too lazy to get it. I bounce of the big ball if I run too fast into it. I hope like a bunny when I get excited. I launch myself off the front step then stumble forward. All in all, I am just too cute for my own good.

You can check out this weeks video under videos on Mommies website home page. She appolozies if it isn't too good. She is learning also."

Check Back next week for more Ziggy tails, a new video, and pictures.



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