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Snow Day in April

You know you live in Maine when you have a snow day in April.

Last night as Bruce and I were winding down for the evening, I was overcome with giddiness in anticipation of the forecasted snowstorm. I don't know why? It's April and the last thing I want is snow this time of year. But I felt just like a school child wishing for a snow day. I think Bruce thought I was totally nuts. After-all, we are adults and he works from home, so no matter how many inches piles up outside he still has to report to the man. The nice thing about snow though in spring, is we don't worry about clearing it away. It will melt soon enough, so let it snow.

I woke several times last night wondering if it had started to snow. Too sleepy to look out the window, I stayed snug under the covers. But thoughts of another book kept me from falling back to sleep. At 3:30am I considered the notion of getting up to write the beginning of my next story. But again, I stayed in the rack. By 5:30am I had to get up. I didn't want to loose those ideas.

I rushed to my creative studio in our daylight basement also known as the Bear's Den, to hammer out the first paragraph of my very first fiction story. There, I announced it. That's daring of me. I have no clue how to write fiction. But what the heck - I have never shied away from a challenge. It took me several years to complete my first non-fiction and even more time for the second memoire. Let's see how long this takes.

Did you catch that. My second memoire is finished - well my part is done. It has been at the designers for a week. I expect a rough draft of the interior design any day now. The release will be mid-May. I can't wait for it. It's still not too late to order advance copies of Happy Hiking Take 2.

As teasers, I will be posting excerpts from Happy Hiking Take 2 sporadically on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to follow me on social media also.

Back to the snow day.

As I sit here in the creative department as the snow and wind whip outside, I relax knowing I can't do anything about the elements outside but I can control what is going on between my ears. Side note: even that is a challenge as I watch the current of the lake flow in the opposite direction as it usually does. My over active brain makes me think an apocalypse is taking place. Oooh, maybe I should add that to my story.

On this snowy spring day for New Englanders, try not to fret if your plans have to change. I do pray for your safety and the safety of everyone around the globe that must endure harsh elements or the wrath of Mother Nature. Just remember, we cannot control external factors. We can only mange ourselves.

In the short time it has taken to type this post two more inches of snow have fallen from the heavens blanketing the ground in a winter palette of white.

It's not the colorful signs of spring my dear friend, Sharon posted yesterday from sunny North Carolina, but it is still beautiful in its own way.

(Photo credit goes to Sharon Cassidy - I stole it from her Facebook profile)

Spring in Maine will have to wait. Until then, I will focus on the things I can control and the weather is not one of them. Back to storytelling I go as well as other tasks I save for when I can't do anything else.

Happy Hiking,



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