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The wait is over

Seven years almost to the date after setting foot on the Appalachian Trail for my second thru-hike, Happy Hiking Take 2 is finally available. Why the delay? That is a very good question and the topic of this week's blog.

Happy Hiking took five years to write. That was understandable. I was green to the writing and publishing world and every step I took was like learning to walk all over again. I was on the floor more than I made forward progress. Apparently, five and seven years to write and publish a book is not so long in the author world. For those following the traditional publishing path it is an even more grueling trail filled with pain, agony, and disppointment. But since I am an indie-author, I am pretty much in control of my own time frame. Or was I?

While I tend to procrastinate and am easily squirreled by shining things, it seemed like this book was so hard to complete once I committed to it's completion. And if I step back for an honest look, the challenges began during the hike itself, which you can read about in Happy Hiking Take 2. So why did it take so long?

I don't know the answer to that question. I do know that with almost every advancement I was met with an obstacle beyond my control. Normal life situations dotted the months preventing me from writing. Computer issues were always a nuisance along the way and lots of little discouraging things popped up sporadically. I kept having to push out my release date. As the final rounds of photos, edits, and design took place, the hurdles became larger and harder to overcome.

I didn't think publication would ever happen and I couldn't wait for Happy Hiking Take 2 to be completed so I could put this chapter behind me. At one time, I didn't even think I would have my new title for Trail Days which is later this month. I almost let discouragement consume me. I truly felt there was something trying to prevent me from releasing this. After a short pitty-party and words of encouragement from hubby, that party didn't last long. Just like on my first thru-hike on that one day I could have quit, Bruce was there with a strong heart. He filled my ears, heart, and soul with the words and love I needed to help me stay on task and reach my goal.

It still took seven years to release my second memoire. I still had to send correspondences a few times to all those who ordered advance-copies reassuring them progress was being made. But even with all the pitfalls along the way, a wonderful serenditpy gift happened. While I didn't have Happy Hiking Take 2 for my first two book signings in 2024 and I won't have it for my show tomorrow, I was able to choose it's release date - May 1, 2024. You see, that's my late dad's birthday. Once you read my story, you will see why this is so very special.

I still don't have my copies of Happy Hiking Take 2 yet. They won't arrive until late next week. But it and all my other titles are available on Amazon. If you would like a signed copy and can wait a little longer you may order them from me. I have a book bundle sale until May 10, 2024 that includes both memoirs, Happy Hiking and Happy Hiking Take 2.

Life is full of challenges we don't want and can't explain why they happen. This topic is probably what I write most often about and why so many people - myself included - seek the help from counselors. Obstacles will always be there, we can't change that. But we can change and control the way we respond to them. Discouragement is a tool of the devil and we cannot let him have that power over us. It's okay to have a moment of release - your own pitty-party. A good cry is also a great release. But recognize those times for what they are - just a moment. Don't let times of discouragement be a permanent state. Find the help you need and move through low days as quickly as you can. Be ready to see your own serendipity gifts waiting for you on the other side.

My author copies still have not shipped yet. But that's okay. I know they will be here and the wait is finally over. I can move on to my next great adventure whatever that will be.

Happy Hiking,



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