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Wacky Wednesday Weather

What on earth is going on? Woke again to snow on the ground. Thankfully it was only an inch.

Yesterday I spent the day raking the front yard and pruning brush in a tank top. I wanted to do the back and side yard today, but that's not happening. At one point it was sunny, snowing, and water was dripping off the roof. I would say Mother Nature is a little confused.

If you remember a while back I posted my daily chore schedule. It says I am to do outdoor chores on good weather days and inside chores on bad weather days. Inside it is. Only problem, I don't want to do house work. I hate house work. Even with a list I created to help me stay on task I find any excuse possible not to clean. I cooked instead (My kitchen is spotless though).

Here is a peek at what I made.

Pretzels. A little dark but good I heard.

(That beer in the distant is not mine)

I told my hubby I was working on job security. If I kept him fed with good eats, than he would be sure to keep me around. We are celebrating 30 years this year. I don't think I have to worry. But I will never stop making it hard to be replaced. Because, marriage is just like owning a business. If you don't take care of your customers, then someone else will. And wives, if you don't take care of that awesome hubby of yours, then someone else will.

Have a great day everyone. Hugs and Kisses.



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