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Want to see Black Bear's Adventure come alive?

There is a new item on my website. My incredible hubby, Bruce videoed me reading my Children's Book at the base of Katahdin. It was so much fun. Then Ryan Leighton, producer of the documentary Walking Home, edited it for me. It is sure to capture the interest of young and mature. I giggled and laughed throughout it. Keep in mind, I am more than a little biased.

Since my site is not set up yet to sell videos in the traditional manor, I have created a work-around. Right now it is in my books collection as a physical item. Be sure to use the promo code FreeShip2020 so you don't have to pay shipping and enter your email address so I can send you a copy that will be available thru Mail Drop for a month. I am also offering a $1.00 discount to my readers - use code Read2U.


Happy Hiking,



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