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When I can't hike, two-wheeling is the next best thing

We were supposed to fly back to Maine today. But those plans changed a few days into our vacation. I reserved a table at the Ellsworth Mall Craft fair for this coming weekend and hubby had to go back to work, but we decided we didn't want to travel home only to turn around and fly back down for Christmas. It wasn't worth the Covid risk. Bruce will work remotely just like he does at home and I will find creative ways to promote from here.

This author thing is quite the adventure. It is so much more than just writing. That part I like. It's learning programs and jargon, editing and rewriting, marketing and selling, and a whole host of other stuff that causes my brain to scream. But just like all adventures that stuff is just another hurdle, valley, summit, or obstacle to overcome, that makes me stronger.

I am so close to having my third book published since August 2020. It's not that I wrote them all this year. The truth is, they have been in the works since fall of 2015. I tend to be a procrastinator and or put other's needs before my own, that's the mama bear in me. But Covid has been good to me and given me the time to focus on my writing.

I started this blog this morning and true to my procrastinating nature I got side-tracked and am just now finishing. It's 8:30pm. I was distracted for a good reason though. My designer sent me my final files for Happy Hiking. A printed proof has been ordered and with a Christmas miracle, all will be fine.

So now I just have to sit and wait for its arrival. I won't really sit. I have lots more writing to do but when I need a break my pedals will be occupying my time. There are not any hiking trail close by but there are tons of places to ride. This past week hubby and I have ridden over 100 miles in The Villages. I may not be climbing peaks or tenting in the wilderness but every ride is a new thrill. Some days we see gators, like the one sunning himself. Every day we see birds of every shape and size. I think squirrels out number residents. And just this morning on our walk We saw and heard owls - made me think of home.

It's the same gator in all three pictures.

The Villages is a massive "gated" community, population 130,000 and growing. There are three downtowns and every type of box store and chain restaurant plus others that any regular city would have. The homes vary in size from small to super-sized with matching price tags. Within The Villages are neighborhoods each with its own postal boxes and swim pool. And if you like golf, there are several courses. I don't like to, so I don't know the details about them. There are recreation centers, a shooting range, and oh so much more.

A whole new section is being built out since the last time we were here. Yesterday we explored new roads, bike paths, and golf cart ways. We even snuck around a few closures and into new construction areas. It was Sunday so we did not disturb any workers.

(New construction)

Mom and Dad have a winter place here. Bruce and I like to escape the cold every year to make vitamin D in the Florida Sunshine. And of course, to visit Mom and Dad.

While I love biking here, it is all asphalt and some times it can be extremely crowded. But with each new pond or golf course we skirt around there is something fun to see. I do hope next weekend though, we can venture to Ocala National Forest only an hour away for some hiking.

Happy Hiking



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