Ziggy Tails: Sometimes three is a crowd S1 E6

So far so good, another great week with Ziggy at my side. We even ended the week without having to do the dreaded puppy-hold. Nothing supper exciting, comical, or tramatic to report though this week. I guess that is a good thing. No tears, no accidents, no destruction in or out of the house. Just more great puppy stuff and improving behavior.

Last week we introduced two new members to our household, cats, one kitten and one adult. After a weekend of high stress from everyone, mostly the four-legged kind, we opted to re-home the kitten. Sometimes three is a crowd. A dear friend was more than happy to take the little fur ball. The kitty seemed over the top anxious to be here at our house. That, coupled with the fact I was feeling no emotional connection to her, solidified the decision to give her away. Five minutes in her new home eliminated any guilt I was having about surrendering her. She was completely changed and not the same fearful kitten, even though her new home was even crazier than here. I guess she wasn't "feeling it" either at our house.

Not only did little kitty have a change in temperament, so did big kitty. Mommie cat no longer had the need to be protective of her baby and she immediately became more comfortable here, even with Ziggy. She was always a sweet thing, but she was vicious whenever Prince Ziggy came within eye sight, no matter how far away he was. By the second day, Mommie cat (she still doesn't have a name we like) was exploring the house and not hissing or growling as much at the puppy. In fact, by Friday, the two were tolerating each other quite well.

All Ziggy wants to do is play with his new sibling. The cat keeps her distance, but seems to show a slight interest in the puppy. She doesn't run from him. She even seems to tease him by walking just out