March 24, 2020

Woke up to this.

 (View from my pillow)

I heard it was coming. Friends and relatives from out of state sent texts and pictures alerting us to what was headed our way. I refused to believe it.

Just yesterday and the day before we were outside doing minimal spring cleanup....

March 23, 2020

Anyone have one of these on your fridge?

 And I am not talking about for your kids, this is mine. To go with it is the daily schedule.

 I need structure. I don't like structure, but I need it. I prefer to go with the flow, fly by the seat of my pants, live in the moment,...

March 22, 2020

Happy Sunday everyone, wishing you all the blessings you desire in this time of isolation. I don't know about you, but Sundays are usually spent going to church and doing family stuff. This will be the third Sunday in a row we have been homebound.

The first two because...

March 21, 2020

Yesterday I told you I had a different sort of adventure planned for today, which was actually yesterday. But my time frame doesn't necessarily follow the 24hr clock. It is when I get up and go to bed. It's 2:48am Saturday morning, but for me, it is still part of Frida...

March 20, 2020

In the spirit of social distancing, self-isolation, and forced quarantine. I will do my best to share sunshine and happy thoughts through words, pics, and videos. Hoping to brighten your day a little and give you something to look forward to.

Since most h...

March 18, 2020

As we all are finding our lives turned upside down during this pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lets all just take a breath of fresh air, or two, and don't panic.

I am by no means an expert or even slightly knowledgeable on this subject. I am just l...

March 5, 2020

I am pitching my children's book on a Twitter event today for unpublished authors. If you have a Twitter account would you so kindly retweet my pitch. You can find me @EmilysEscapade. Look for the #PitMad. Please do not like any tweets at that hashtag today. Liking or...

March 4, 2020

Yesterday I was so excited to write this post, but as usual, I experienced technical difficulties with technology. That, plus other commitments kept me from hitting the keyboard. After my day was complete, I was too tired to call tech support. 9:00pm and later is no ti...

February 22, 2020

I mentioned in an earlier post how I joined the 20 in 20 Challenge. It is a commitment to do 20 Challenges in 2020. The group encourages everyone to get out and do something.

As I was reading all the awesome activities and events the other members were planning, I was f...

January 22, 2020

Good beautiful morning everyone, I hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing, blessings are abundant. Lately it has been dreadfully cold, below zero Fahrenheit at times, and snowy every other day or so.  But that hasn't stopped me from seeing the good all around...

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