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Since I couldn't sleep, I thought I would send a few words your way. This past week I have been overly excited about the release of my first two books as an author, Black Bear's Adventure and Black Bear's Adventure Companion Book. They weren't just a labor of love. Blood, sweat, and even a few tears were also involved. But after several years of hard and joyous work, they are complete and the sales and reviews are coming in. It reminds me of all the gardening I have been doing this summer. Thanks to Covid-19, I have had more time at home to spend in the yard, so I planted my first real garden. Our first year here my green-thumb skills failed miserably. I think it had to do with not watering.


With the click of one button I went from writer to published author. Below is the Amazon link to Black Bear's Adventure, a children's picture book of my Appalachian Trail hike. I apologize the links are not clickable. You can copy and paste them into your web search or you can go directly to and search for Black Bear's Adventure by Emily M Leonard. This charming biographical story shows achieving your dreams is always possible. Weaved in the story are lessons of respecting and appreciating nature. One book wasn't enough for my debut, I wanted to double your experience. The teacher in me could not stop with just the fun story. For you who want to expand the learning experience for


If I must say so myself, this cover is amazing! Thank you to Laurie and Lisa for capturing the feel with their creative collaborative art and to Christopher Berge for designing the cover. One of my life long dreams is about to come true. I always wanted to write a children's book and here it is, well, almost. I am a kid at heart and have a heart filled with stories. But not being too well versed in my native language, or any language for that matter, the thought of being a published author was a pipe-dream. Any of you who have been around my blogs for any length of time, know I struggle in the grammar department. But I have never let my weaknesses define me. I have learned that it isn't rea


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