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It's About Time

I will start right off with the title - It's about time! After all, this is an adventure blog. Adventures have been almost non-existent since March. I have tried to make life's ordinary happenings an adventure for you but enough of the every day humdrum. I feel yah! So here is a real one. This past weekend hubby and I took off to the granite state, New Hampshire for a hike with our son, Patch and his fiancé, Brittany. Yes, we social distanced and all that jazz. I like NH. I think because it is so much like Maine, wild and free the further you go north. The kids chose the trail, we were just along for the adventure. My friend Sharon teases me about always doing the same trail - some where on


Our world is changing faster than my brain can comprehend. I have had to turn off the media just to keep my sanity in check. Yesterday my go-to radio station for peace and relaxation had a sound-bite of doom and gloom. Even they were at a loss of what to do. With all the problems we (the human race) face with natural disasters, disease, sickness, abuse, loneliness, most of which are circumstances beyond one's control we add fuel to the fire with other stuff we can control, such as politics in all its forms, racism in all its forms, and pandemonium in all its forms. Is it any wonder that according to Mental Health America anxiety disorders are among the most common mental illnesses in America


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