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Trusty Tuesday

I am trying to be so clever. That's difficult for me to do. I am so plane-Jane and I want to be Artsy-Annie. I love the creative arts, all of it, music, dance, painting, song, crafting, writing, and anything else that's sparks imagination. I am not very good at it though, except crafting. I love to sing. One time on our way home from church I was singing in the car and my dad said, "I wish you sang on the radio." Awe, thanks Dad, that's nice!" I proudly replied. He quipped, "So I could shut you off." No one should ever see me dance. My painting is horrendous. For some reason what I envision is not what is left behind on the canvas. I may not be very good at the fine arts, including this blog

It's Still Snowing

Sorry if you missed me yesterday. I took Sunday off. Bruce and I tried to keep the day as normal as we could. We started by NOT listening to the news. I just needed something uplifting and I wasn't going to get it from anything the airwaves were sending out. I figured one day away from broadcasts wouldn't harm us. Instead of attending church, we streamed it. Not quite the same, but it's the best we can do right now. After "church" we had breakfast, then gathered our trash to take to the transfer station. You know you are from Maine when you enjoy a trip to the local dump. That wasn't quite the same either. Ron, the attendant, usually comes out to help and carry on a delightful conversation.

Hello From The Inside

Howdy everyone. I trust you made it through another day. What day is it anyway? Day 20? Day21? Day 45, or more? I guess it's different depending on where you are from? According to my daily dose of laughs from Bob Marley, it's day 21, so I'll go with that. So yesterday I posted about not herding. Guess our neighbors on our road didn't get the message. Apparently three different families had get togethers today. Really? I heard it second hand when I called to check on a few people. I was a good citizen and stayed home. Anyway, I spent the day enjoying the most beautiful March day in March, it hit 51 degrees (F). A heat way! I even sat outside and had my lunch. It was absolutely gorgeous out.

These Guys Didn't Get the Message

It's hard to be an adventure writer when you don't venture out of your house. There is plenty to do inside, no shortage of chores to be done. I purposely ignored my list and also looked the other way as dust bunnies snuck out from their hiding places as I brushed passed them. I have all I can do to keep the surfaces and dishes clean, the floors will have to wait. I'd have more time if I didn't spend it messing around with unproductive activities. But it was fun. If I cannot be outside deep in the forest or submerged in a cool lake on a hot day, I can be found cre8ting. Projects vary from paper crafting, writing, to various DIY stuff. Today I toggled between designing a new logo and making

Items Added

I want to thank you all for taking time to visit my site and read my words. I started this journey of blogging with the intent if just one person read something I wrote and it improved their well-being in some way, no matter how insignificant, then I felt it was worth it. Never did I think I would be getting more out of it then I put into it. Writing has given me an another outlet to share and to serve. I just love serving others and sharing. So thank you for keeping me accountable and letting me share my ups, my downs, and my sideways with you all. You are what keeps me going. I have finally added items under the "shop" tab. There are just a few. Grab them while they last. When I am not bus

I Am Done - For Now

I made it. Old Blog converted to New Blog. It only took me all day and two one hour phone calls with tech support. Not even sure if the changes will even be noticeable. It was something that needed to be done. I put off the inevitable as long as I could. I truly despise it when technology doesn't work the way it says it will. I know most of the time it is user error, but that only makes me feel worse. It is good to have that behind me. One more item checked off my master list. Even with all this free time in isolation, my to-do list seems to be growing. It's like 3 steps forward 2 steps backward. At least it is still moving forward. More good news, our vehicle that needed fixing is now fixed

Take It To The Bank

Woke up to this. (View from my pillow) I heard it was coming. Friends and relatives from out of state sent texts and pictures alerting us to what was headed our way. I refused to believe it. Just yesterday and the day before we were outside doing minimal spring cleanup. That's what we get for putting away the snowshoes and snowblower. We should have known better. Once can take it to the bank that Maine will have a snow storm or two in March. It sure is pretty though. Just a couple days ago I posted a pic of this tall tree with its bare branches reaching towards the crisp blue sky. What a difference. Hang in there everyone, spring is coming. At least for the next several days temps will be in


Anyone have one of these on your fridge? And I am not talking about for your kids, this is mine. To go with it is the daily schedule. I need structure. I don't like structure, but I need it. I prefer to go with the flow, fly by the seat of my pants, live in the moment, and whatever euphemism describes an abstract random personality. So, I created myself chores lists. I am more productive that way. I built in a back up claus for myself so I wouldn't feel stressed about not following the schedule to a "T". I never can understand myself. I love to be free, and whimsical, but if I am given a task to do, or directions, I follow it. And everyone is in trouble if I have a goal or challenge to compl

The New Form of Currency

Happy Sunday everyone, wishing you all the blessings you desire in this time of isolation. I don't know about you, but Sundays are usually spent going to church and doing family stuff. This will be the third Sunday in a row we have been homebound. The first two because we didn't have a ride. And today, it was because of the virus. To quote my dear friend Jennifer's Instagram post, "Not going to church WILL save lives. You won't fry in hell or lose your salvation because you stayed home from going to a building with 500 people in it!! STOP GUILT TRIPPING PEOPLE WHO STAY HOME." I personally believe going to church and celebrating my beliefs with a community of the faithful is vital. We may not

Miles of Smiles

Yesterday I told you I had a different sort of adventure planned for today, which was actually yesterday. But my time frame doesn't necessarily follow the 24hr clock. It is when I get up and go to bed. It's 2:48am Saturday morning, but for me, it is still part of Friday. Saturday doesn't happen until I go to bed and wake back up, which hopefully won't be until several hours of ZZZZZZZZ's Hubby's and my adventure started with picking up a UHaul trailer from our son's place. Then driving it to his and his fiancé's new place out of state. Sounds exciting. But it was more like a double-edged sword. Traveling during this time with COVID-19 was not something we wanted to do for our safety and/or t

Meet Mr. Barney

In the spirit of social distancing, self-isolation, and forced quarantine. I will do my best to share sunshine and happy thoughts through words, pics, and videos. Hoping to brighten your day a little and give you something to look forward to. Since most humans find animals calming, I thought I would start with a post about our furry friend. Meet Barney - aka - Mr. Barney, Barn-boy, Puppy, and whatever name-of-the-day we decide to call him. You may recognize him from other posts but he was never properly introduced. Barney is our 12 year old black lab mix rescue who we thought wasn't going to make it through last summer. But here he is, alive and well. Mr. Barney is the best dog ever. He list

Don't Panic

As we all are finding our lives turned upside down during this pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lets all just take a breath of fresh air, or two, and don't panic. I am by no means an expert or even slightly knowledgeable on this subject. I am just like you, a mere unwilling participant. But non-the-less participating, while trying to do my best to foster as much normalcy as one can. If your inbox is like mine, it is overflowing with messages from businesses stating their fluid and dynamic protocols with your safety and the safety of their employees being their main concern. The message is the same and most include tips and guidelines to help you keep yourself safe. Yes, this is going t

Please Retweet

I am pitching my children's book on a Twitter event today for unpublished authors. If you have a Twitter account would you so kindly retweet my pitch. You can find me @EmilysEscapade. Look for the #PitMad. Please do not like any tweets at that hashtag today. Liking or favoriting tweets is for agents and publishers to let the author know they are interested in the pitch for the book. If you see something you like you can retweet to help the authors, and me please, stay at the top of the tweeting. Sample of artwork Illustration by Laurie Miller and Lisa Jones

I Finally Did It!!!

Yesterday I was so excited to write this post, but as usual, I experienced technical difficulties with technology. That, plus other commitments kept me from hitting the keyboard. After my day was complete, I was too tired to call tech support. 9:00pm and later is no time for my brain to get too detailed. So, I decided to sleep on it and tackle it in the morning. I jumped out of bed ready to take on the day like I do most mornings - I love mornings. Yeah, I am one of those freaks who can't wait to start the day. Even before breakfast I headed to my writing room. I started my computer, only to discouragingly, find the issue still hadn't resolved. I had been having an iCloud syncing issue for s


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