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Wacky Wednesday Weather

What on earth is going on? Woke again to snow on the ground. Thankfully it was only an inch. Yesterday I spent the day raking the front yard and pruning brush in a tank top. I wanted to do the back and side yard today, but that's not happening. At one point it was sunny, snowing, and water was dripping off the roof. I would say Mother Nature is a little confused. If you remember a while back I posted my daily chore schedule. It says I am to do outdoor chores on good weather days and inside chores on bad weather days. Inside it is. Only problem, I don't want to do house work. I hate house work. Even with a list I created to help me stay on task I find any excuse possible not to clean. I cooke

Always Wanting What's Next

(View of Katahdin from Cold Stream Pond, Lowell, Maine) The ice went out this week on our lake. A little early, April 20th is average ice out. Not sure if that fact is still accurate. I am recalling information from a book report I wrote in high school. I graduated in 1984. With global warming or climate change, whichever it is called now, those facts could be old. It is always a reassuring sign that spring is definitely on its way when the ripple of waves replace the frozen landscape. Despite the Easter weekend blizzard, the snow melted early also. But the nightly below-freezing temps have been lingering on as winter refuses to let go of her mighty grip. It takes all day to warm up and with

Throw-Back Thursday 04/12/15

Hope you didn't miss me. I have been gone. Not on a hiking adventure, but a writing adventure instead. I have been working feverishly trying to get my books done. They are far from finished but each day, progress is made. I can see the light for two of them. I will keep you posted. In 2015 when I hiked the Appalachian Trail for the first time there were two schools that followed me, Enfield Station School 5th graders and All Saints Catholic School in Bangor, ME, 4th and 5th graders. The students at All Saints made me prayer cards. I posted a different prayer twice a week On my Happy Hiking blog through the Bangor Daily News. For throw-back Thursday the closest post to today's date was one I

I Missed Foody Friday

I am so sorry I missed Foody Friday. It wasn't my fault, really! We and over half the state of Maine, woke to no power. Heavy, wet, snow covered the state from top to bottom. No power - no problem for this prepared Mainah. So I thought. Since I couldn't do the tasks on my list for the day, I headed right out to capture the beauty of an Easter snow storm before it melted. I figured I'd get a quick hike in, come back and cook up something yummy for Foody Friday, then write about it all. Sounded good on paper. No power isn't usually a problem here. We don't have a generator but we have portable power cells to charge our hand held. It is what I use backpacking to keep my electronics powered when

Throw-Back Thursday 04/02/2015

Today is Holy Thursday in which Jesus's last supper is celebrated by Christians. That final night Christ was with his disciples, he gave us the greatest commandment, "Love one another as I have loved you." And with that he gave the greatest example of how to do that. Service to others. What better way to honor Throw-Back Thursday in an adventure blog on Holy Thursday then to repost about trail angels. Hikers have a language all their own with names for everything. Kind of like the military and all their anachronism. For those of you new to the hiking community, trail angels are people who serve the hiking world without compensation. It could be a ride to town, free food set at trail crossing

Into the Wild

(Can you find Barney?) I don't like the name for today, Wacky Wednesday. Do you have any better ideas I can use? If so, please drop them in the comment below. If I like it, I will use it. I am thinking of switching it to Wild Wednesday. Maybe that will encourage me to get out. It's not like I need a reason to get out and about. I love to do so, but do you ever just feel like staying put and not leaving your comfort zone, even though you know better things are out there. That's me often. But today, I dragged myself away from our stay at home prison. First I made my list for today so time wouldn't slip away like yesterday. Ignoring everything else that is piling up, I packed my day pack, colla

Time Keeps on Slipping, Slipping, Slipping...

The more time I seem to have the more time I seem to loose. I can't be the only one who feels this way. It is as if reality is evaporating faster than last night's dream. Where is all this free time going? Today, for Trusty Tuesday I was going to hike Mollie's trail and beyond, my good ole dependable hike. The sun was shining, the temps were mild, and most of the snow has disappeared - for now. Before I knew it, darkness and bedtime set in and I hadn't even stepped one foot outside. I didn't procrastinate. I was quite busy actually. But, not busy doing what I had planned to do. If only I could have rearranged the days making it Foody Friday instead of Trusty Tuesday, since I spent the day co

Holy Week

Monday's montage of faith. Faith - What is it? According to Google, faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something. The Complete & Unabridged The Little & Ives Webster Dictionary and Home Reference Library goes into a little more detail. "1.Trust, confidence, belief, reliance: to have faith in. 2. a Personal realization of the truth of divine revelation: to have faith in God; Phr. faith can remove mountains; b system of belief. There are ten more lines defining the definition of faith in the Complete Unabridged. I guess for a book 5" thick you can expect details. While Google is handy and Webster is reliable, my go to reference for such subjects would be the Bible. Hebrews 11:

Make Your Own No-Sew Mask

No words today. Just a quick video. (optional - make sure your fabric is clean. No skid-marks allowed.) Have a happy day everyone. Hope this made you smile. Love You Lots, Emily

Super Saturday

I started out today with the intention of having a Sassy Saturday. I was going to use my dry humor to brighten the conversation with whomever I conversed with. But that didn't go as planned. After a few botched attempts, I realized people are just to sensitive and stressed right now. They didn't "get" it. There was no way it could have been the delivery. So, Saturday was just going to have to be Saturday. Spring decided to show up today. It was simply beautiful. No wind. No rain. Temps in the mid 40's, and mostly sunny. With weather like that there is only one thing to do, hike. But we needed eggs also. Last week on our return from the dump we discovered a home selling fresh eggs. It was onl

Foody Friday

The corny weekday names continue. Initially, Fun Friday topped the list. I erased that idea. I wasn't sure how many more times I could get away with telling you about my daily hike up Mollie's trail. I enjoy it, but I wan't to give you something different. If you have been with me for a while you know my number one passion is the outdoors, preferably hiking. If I can't commune with nature, I like to do crafts. My interests don't stop there, that is just two biggies. Next would be cooking. That's how Fun Friday became Foody Friday. Whose to say Foody Friday can't be fun also. No words of wisdom. No jokes. No daily inspiration. Just some good ole home cooking. This has got to be the quickest a

Throw Back Thursday - January 30, 2015

You guessed it! Thursday's corny title is none-other than, Throw Back Thursday. And why not start with a blast from the past. The year my blog writing all started when I first hiked the Appalachian Trail. My intitial blog host was the Bangor Daily News, the most prominent paper for Maine. It was titled Happy Hiking. Here is my very first public writing. Which can still be found at the link below. For your ease, I will copy and paste the blog text. This year marks 5 years since my Appalachian Trail through hike. I have planned an anniversary summit hike of Katahdin, the Northern terminus, this September. My dear hiking tramily (trail family) members; Maps, Moxie, and Wye knot & his girlfrien

Gotta Love Taco Tuesday

Well, April Fools for us. Winter just won't let go. We woke up to this yet again. At least this time of year it usually melts by sundown. But it is hard to make any progress when the sun spends all it's energy melting what snow fell the night before. I predict we have a chance of snow for only the next two weeks, then we should be out of the clear. As much as I want sunny days and mild temps, the white stuff sure does paint a pretty picture. Yesterday I mentioned my corny names for the days. Trusty Tuesday happened yesterday. Good thing I spent the day taking part in comforting and relaxing activities that rested my spirit. It prepared me for Wacky Wednesday. I envisioned it being something


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