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Why Are We Attracted to the Bad?

Good beautiful morning everyone, I hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing, blessings are abundant. Lately it has been dreadfully cold, below zero Fahrenheit at times, and snowy every other day or so. But that hasn't stopped me from seeing the good all around. Just like I learned on my Appalachian Trail hikes, good is found in the little things. I just love that fresh air. My lungs soak it in. And the cold sure does help to offset the temps of hot flashes. Maybe it off sets it a little too much. They other day, my son came down the stairs and said, "Mom, I know you and Dad are trying to save money on the heating oil, but it's 53 degrees in my room. That's just too cold!" Poor guy.

Happy New Year

It's almost mid January and I haven't wished you a Happy New Year. Well, shame on me! I have been busy enjoying Christmas, New Year's, and my birthday. Yes, Christmas. I am one of those who keeps the tree up longer and the lights even longer. Christmas is more than the hustle and bustle of getting the perfect gift for family and friends. I stopped fretting about the secular version of the season years ago and focused on the true meaning of Christmas. Along with that came a very nice benefit. No longer do I suffer from the post holiday blues. That's not where I intended this post to go though. I truly just wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year's and wish all the best for you in 2020. M


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