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A Little Family Trail Magic On Our Zero

Day 118

Wednesday July 19, 2017

Miles: Zero

Time: Last one up 

Weather: Hot and Humid

The Jordan's House CT

I can't say enough about the importance of having time off from the trail. I love being out in the woods and seeing everything this amazing world has to offer. The physical and mental exertion makes me feel more alive then any other time of my life. But even good things only stay good in when done in moderation. For me, one week on the trails followed by a break is perfect. Two weeks is doable and three weeks is way too long.

Yesterday our impromptu decision to take today off was a great idea. We were going to hike today and head to Maine to see a movie premiere. But out of the blue I suggested we take today off and enjoy a zero at her sisters house. It wasn't really impromptu. The morning's weather said the area would be experiencing a heatwave starting today. I was kind of worried. What did they call the the horrendous temperatures we had been hiking in. We decided a day off was well deserved and and family time is always a treat. 

Sue, Jillian, Jay, and Jessica Jordan

This has been the best stop for us. Shortcake has gotten to see her sister and family. And Batman and I get to tag along. This family is awesome. They have feed us, housed us and waited on us hand and foot. It's going to be hard leaving here tomorrow morning. 

A huge shout out and big thank you to the Jordan family for letting us invite ourselves. You rock. 

Tomorrow morning we will leave here and continue our travel up the Eastern seaboard To Boothbay Harbor, Maine to see the premiere of Walking Home. Another zero day. Life is good on the trail. 

Happy Hiking. 

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