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The Best Hostel On The Trail

Day 150

Sunday August 20, 2017

Miles: 1633.2 - 1650.7    Completed: 17.5

Time: 6:17am - 4:54pm

Weather: Cool start, partly cloudy, perfect temp

It was an awesome day. The morning was cool and crisp. We started with an easy climb to the top of Stratton Mountain. The only view was if you climbed the fire tower. Shortcake and Bateman conquered it. I made it up the first flight. When I rounded the landed the continue up the wind caught my chest and I said, "NOPE! That's high enough for me." I keep trying to climb the towers and I keep chickening out. It was cloudy anyways so I didn't miss anything. 

Today's mud was less and slightly drier then yesterday. It was more like brownie mix rather then quicksand. I didn't even bother to navigate around it. 

After our climb up and over Stratton the rest of the day was pretty level. Thank goodness since we had 17.5 miles for the day. We only agreed to do that many since Bateman slacked us and we were staying at a hostel. The best Hostel we have been on so far. It's the Green Mountain House in Manchester Center, VT. It's caretaker, Duffy is also one of the nicest guys you'll meet. This place feels like home. So much so we are taking a zero day tomorrow. 

Happy Hiking. 

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