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Enough Already

Day 188

Wednesday September 27, 2017

Miles: 1891.6 - 1903.3. Completed: 11.7

Time: 6:15am - 5:12pm

Weather: 90’s HOT and sunny

Stayed in Gentian Shelter

Today was the first easy day since we entered New Hampshire. Our climbs were first Mt. Hayes at only 2555 feet, then down a little, then back up to Cascade Mt. at 2642 feet. Considering what our bodies are already conditioned to it was just another day in the park.

The heat was not as forgiving. It was in the 90’s. Enough already! It’s fall, where are the cool, crispy temperatures? Water was scarce which made it all the more difficult. We were in conservation mode and running slightly dehydrated.

Staying inside the shelter tonight. We usually tent but with the soaring temps and not a sole in sight, we decided to spread out in the shelter. It looks over the valley, a rare not found at most shelters.

Gentian Shelter

Gentian Shelter Sunset

Batman is along for the next 4 days of hiking. He won’t have to leap frog vehicle. He wants to be able to cross into Maine with us. There is nothing I like more in this world than spending time with my hubby. We are two peas in a pod and when one is without the other we are just an empty shell. So, to have him along for the hike and not just tending to our needs is awesome.

Tomorrow we will be in Maine, not a day too soon.

Happy Hiking.

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