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Happy Mother's Day

Anyone can be a mother, but it takes someone extra special to be a mom. A mom is someone you truly don't appreciate until they are gone. I learned that the hard way. I wasn't the best teenager a mom could have. Once I wised up and realized the gem God had given me, Mom passed away too soon. But then I was blessed with a replacement, my mother-in-law, Josephine who is the best mom anyone could have.

Many other maternal role models in my life have kept me on track also. Then I have been surrounded by countless friends who have children and demonstrate skills I wish I had raising my own kiddos. We can't forget about all the women out there who for whatever reason do not have children. I can think of two wonderful examples in my own life - teachers - who were more of a mom to many of the students than the children's own mothers. And what about the dads who have had to raise their children on their own.

We all have one thing in common. We aren't perfect, but we do the best we can with a loving heart. Being a mom is probably the hardest job on the planet. It's emotionally draining and it's physically taxing. There are no set hours. Once you start, you do it for life 24/7. And, it's the only profession where the goal is to do your job good enough so eventually you aren't needed any more, but you still want to be needed.

While I do think the retail industry likes to capitalize on this special day and make us feel guilty if we don't get that perfect gift for the moms in our lives, I do think it is important to honor those women who have raised us or have influenced us in ways only a mom can do. But here is a secret, we don't want all the glitz and glamour or the expensive gifts the commercials push on us. We just want to know that you appreciate and love us and will cherish whatever way you choose to show it. We won't turn down any bling or spa day either though.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mom's in my life. Your love is greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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