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It's Monday and it's not raining

Yeah, the sun burned its way through the foggy hazy this morning. We haven't seen it for quite a few days now. I should have taken a photo at 4:30 when it looked like a a fireball sitting on top of the treeline.

So much to do and so little time. In eleven days an incredible group of Christian writing friends will gather at this beautiful lake for a retreat. We haven't come together since our very first get-together several years ago - pre-publishing for me. They are the reason I now have several titles.

A few gals will stay with me while the rest will have a room at the Cold Stream Inn on the shore of Cold Stream Pond in Lowell, Maine where our activities will be held. I can't wait for this event. But at the same time, I have cleaning to do. If you have been following me for any length of time here, or on social media, you will know I don't just procrastinate at writing, but cleaning is always on the back burner.

I always have an excuse too. This time I have been taking it easy since I found out I may have a torn muscle in my derriere. To keep it from getting worse - so one day I can get back to hiking - I am on light duty and only doing what absolutely needs to be done. With my yard sale out of the way, I now need to focus on getting ready for my guests. I had grand plans of making this place look like Mr. Clean lived here. But instead, it may resemble more like Mr. Potato Head could grow here.

Whenever I get overwhelmed with too much to do, I fall back on what helps me to stay focused and chilled. In no particular order, I get a massage and make a list. The massage doesn't always happen but I always make a list. Once I do that, What I think is too much to do in what time and energy is available, I realize doesn't seem so bad. I choose a task and check it off. The act of checking things off, encourages me to keep going. That feeling of accomplishing something fuels me to do more. I have even been known to add completed items that weren't on the list, but ones I did, just so I can put a check next to it.

I haven't made my list yet, I will do that next. I will get a massage this week. I won't let that slip away before time runs out. If you happen to be one of my guests - Elaine, Carla, Jenn, or Cassandra - when you see that dust still hanging from the ceiling and clinging to the wall, just think, Ah, that's still there cuz Emily had a massage, good for her.

A girl must do what she must do.

Years ago I would have fretted about such things to the point I stressed everyone around me. But what good does that do? Sure, we want things perfect, respectful, accommodating, inviting, professional, and so on. But there is a fine line between those aspects and neurotic. I tended to hang out on the neurotic side, at many other's demise. I am sorry for that.

As I add years to my wisdom, I am learning it is much more fun, relaxing, and enjoyable to chill out. I still want to do the absolute best I can and I will always strive for perfection. But I have learned that it's okay when I don't actually achieve the outcome that I was working towards. Life will go on and things will be alright.

That goes for the fact that my hiking is on hold and we have so many adventures we want to do this year - like our Maine Gazetteer 70-Map Challenge. But for now I am in healing mode. I can either be stressed and upset I can't get out into the mountains or deep clean, or I can take advantage of my down time. I have lots of writing to finish and definitely a massage or two.

As summer heats up and you make your plans, please remember to stay chill not just as the temps sore but as your stresses increase and things may not go as you please.

Enjoy the little things,



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