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It's the Leelander

The last week or so I have been flooding my social media accounts with me - me - me stuff. While that is my favorite subject, I know it isn't yours. But with my book launch scheduled for June 15th I need to advertise, so, sorry for the Emily overload. Today's post, I will get back on track with sharing more wonderful stuff from Trail Days back in May.

What the heck is a Leelander? Well, I will tell you. It's the name of an RV of a friend of mine, Lee Lovelace and fellow author. Bruce and I met him initially at Trail Days in 2023 at the author's tent. We spent the weekend back to back selling our books and sharing our stories. Before we parted ways, we swapped books.

I had a busy summer last year and didn't get a chance to read his book. In October of 2023 I had the opportunity to tag along helping a filming crew for The Keeper. I was staying in an RV with a new friend, Paul and his friend Adam. I brought Lee's book Tales of the RVidiots to read in my spare time. That was a dream. If you think the movie industry is all glitz and glamour, think again. It is long hours of hard work. I was exhausted at the end of our days. I had no energy to read by the time 11pm rolled around.

I gave the book to Paul as a thank you for letting me stay in the RV with him. He immediately began reading it and he couldn't put it down. Paul would laugh hysterically outloud. After several bouts of the giggles, Adam and I requested of Paul to read it to us. While I was too tired, Paul accepted and we spent evenings and even mornings before the crew arrived with story time of Lee's book.

The title of the book, Tales of the RVidiots, says it all. Lee and his wife, Michelle were new to the world of living on the road and his book is full of learning situations. Humourus for the reader but not for them at the time. I sent the above video's to Lee as affirmation that his work was being enjoyed by others. I also informed him I gifted my copy of his book.

This year at Trail Days, Lee gifted me another copy with the inscription, Don't give this one away. I didn't. Now, I am spending evenings curled up in bed with my hubby reading to him and laughing ourselves to sleep. Even the cat stuck around for our night time ritual.

I usually wait to review books after I have completed them, but since I am behind on my accolades for Trail Days and I have already been exposed to story times with this title, I wanted to share it with you before I finish my own read-through. If you want some wholesome, honest summertime reading grab yourself a copy. Warning: Lee has a favorite word he likes to use when mishaps arise and it ain't firetruck.

Before I go, a little more me stuff. Remember my book launch for Happy Hiking Take 2 will be June 15, 11am - 12pm at The Book Space, 48 Columbia Street Bangor, Maine with light refreshments. I know it's a busy weekend with graduations, so if you can't be there, please atleast share this post as well as my other socials. Thanks.

Happy Hiking,



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