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This is Hard For Me.

This is a hard subject for me. I have been toying with the idea of requesting donations to help fund my indie author projects. I have so many. There is a wall in my writing nook with 10 new titles I want to write. But as a self-publisher all the expense falls on one's own shoulders. I do not like asking for money. I prefer to be on the giving end. After discussing this with several friends in the industry or other who have donation buttons on their websites for various projects they are working on, I decided to take the plunge and stick out my hand.

I have always believed in if you don't ask you won't receive. But that was usually referring to help of some sort like planning a party, or some other event I may have worked on for various organizations over the years. And that was for someone else, not myself.

I have three works in progress at the moment that are so close to completion. My rough estimate to produce these three books is in the vicinity of $7,000. One is my second memoire pictured above - just the cover. I just finished Chapter 18 a few minutes ago. The other two are children's books that I am not ready to reveal yet, but getting close. I just met with my awesome illustrators today and they will have the artwork done next week.

Not having a big publisher means editors, illustrators, cover and interior designers, and inventory all need to be paid up front and out of mine and hubby's pocket. I know this is my dream and not yours but out there I know are people who do have the extra funds to help others with dreams and goals. Why should one help me? I am for the most part a no body, just your average gal who has an idea, loves to write, and share her experiences like so many others. In my ever so short career as a published author, I am more than humbled at the joy and even in some cases life-changing events I have been a part of with some of my readers.

My mission in life has always been to make every encounter I have with each person I meet - or in some way come in contact with - a positive experience. I want to improve the lives of those around me even if it is just a smile from across the street.

Last summer I had several profound encounters with strangers that cried when they saw me. Not because I was horrible. On the contrary. The Holy Spirit was working through me and through my work and reached a part of that individual. One person was about to take his life and he decided to search YouTube for something uplifting. He stumbled onto the Documentary Walking Home by Ryan Leighton in which I am in. This young man decided to hike the Appalachian Trail which saved his life. A chance meeting last summer at Trail Days in Virginia brought us together and he broke down and cried. So did I.

The other time was soon after my Devotional As Fresh As Daisies was published. I visited a hostel in western Maine and donated a set of my books to the owner for the hikers to read while they visited his place. As Fresh As Daisies was on top. When the owner saw this he too cried. He had been struggling with some life decisions and asked God for a sign. Again, the Holy Spirit worked through me to reach an individual hurting.

There are many other heartwarming stories - which I hope will fill the pages of another title I have on that wall in my nook. But it's mostly the little encounters that pile up. Like when I go to a reading and the little tykes enjoy the book so much they want more even though they have heard it multiple times. Or when I read to seniors and they live vicariously thru my adventure as they are homebound.

I have been given a gift that is being enjoyed by so many who want more, but I need help and I am humbled as I write this post asking for your support. If you can't give, believe me, I understand. Maybe what you are called to do it to share this post and keep sharing because maybe someone you know knows someone who knows someone who is looking for the right cause to help.

There are so many other worthy things one can give to then to my writing projects. But I am going to stand on the notion, if I don't ask I will never receive.

If you are wondering, all the funds raised through the donate button on my homepage of my website will go directly to the cost of producing books and not inventory. I will be transparent and will gladly share my expenditures of gifts with any donor.

Thank you for all the support that you all have given so far in following me and encouraging me. Please continue that by giving and or sharing. I truly appreciate your presence. It is you that keeps me going.

Happy Hiking,



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