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What's your most valuable asset?

I am going to answer the question, "What's your most valuable asset" for you. It is your health. We can agree to disagre if you aren't on board with that answer. But for right now, I have your attention and will explain my point of view.

My veteran readers know I have been struggling with several unwanted - are they ever wanted - extra pounds since my last thru-hike. It has been a challenge to keep control of what goes into my body compared to the energy I expend. For a host of reasons I won't get into now, the struggle has been real. I would like to think I am on the uphill trek as I seem to be making more good choices then poor, which is resulting in the digits on the bathroom scale slowly but consitently decreasing. I still have a ways to go but I feel good about myself, something I haven't felt in a very long time.

This past twelve months my family and friends have seen it's fair share of death and sickness which is what has prompted me to write today's post. While aging is natural and death is like taxes - the only thing we can count on - the process of getting older can be more enjoyable if we put more value on the most valuable asset we have - our health. I appologize if this is begining to sound preachy, I don't mean it to be. I think I am writing it more for my own sake and if it helps another soul wisen up - then awesome!

When we think of assets we think of material things that we can hold, spend, use, and enjoy. Those things we can use to better our life and or make us financially sound. But as we hurry around to attain those things we often forget about the most important and the most valuable asset we already possess. We neglect our health assuming there will be time to take care of it once we have acquired the other assets we think we must have.

In college I learned about the five areas of health - mental, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social. Out of all the classes I took this is one of the things that has always stood out as something very important to remember. While all five areas are important and need to be balanced, I personally believe that the most important one is spiritual health with physical health following right behind. Without those two then none of the others really matter and neither do any other assets we hold dear.

Since today is not a sermon, I just want to focus on the importance of our health, specifically physical. We really are what we eat. Remember - I struggle with this, so if you see me out in public with a tray of fries or a bottle of Moxie - just give me a gentle reminder of this blog. This isn't intended to dive deep into the other causes of poor health beyond our control but there is a bunch we can control. Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sugar, fake crap, and other such vices we do have control over. That old saying, A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips is truer than we would like to think.

Our bodies are perfect machines meant to work and heal. But just like any engine, in order to get the best work out of it the proper fuel must be used and routine maintence must be done. Our bodies are the same. We demand so much from our bodies but we don't always take care of them, then we wonder why we get sick or get injured.

Eating right and exercising will not guarantee a long and healthy life but it might improve the quality of the years you are blessed with. Again, as I sit here with a strained back muscle and low energy, I say this as much for myself if not more. Sure eating wonderful foods and relaxing are some of the simple pleasures in life and can be a part of the other areas of health, but it's all about balance. Too many moments on the lips and hips on the couch might turn into long stays in the hospital or rehab center instead of on a hiking trail somewhere or doing whatever pleasures you truly want to enjoy.

Happy Hiking,



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