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Ziggy Tails S1 E2

Week two at the Leonard's house, my new home. This is my sleeping and quiet time crate. I like it so much when they open the door I just hang out some more. Sometimes they have to entice me with food to come out. By the end of this week though, I was getting cramped. I was so happy when my larger one arrived, it feels like the Taj Mahal.

Mommie and Daddy still love me but, I did hear Mommie tell one of her friends I could be a ******. I think that was a naughty word. I hadn't heard her say that before. I am developing my own personality. I am also becoming very confident and brave, not much bothers me, even when I am told "No." I also found my voice, Mommie does not like it, she says, it's loud and sharp. But I get so excited when I play with my toys. Mommie says I am like having an infant, toddler, and teenager all at the same time.

We are getting on a good schedule though. It looks something like this:

0030 I stir in my bed. Before I get too antsy, Mommie takes me outside to do my business. We go back to bed. Sometimes I get to sleep on the bed if I settle down quickly.

0530 I am awake again, this time for good, well, atleast until nap time. We play a little then I eat breakfast. Mommy hand feeds me because I like to woof my kibbles down as fast as I can. One time I choked. On Saturday, the big white truck with the letters F E D E X came and delivered a new game. Mommie puts my food in it and I have to figure out how to get it. That's fun and it wears me out.

0630 After breakfast we go for our first walk of the day. It is a short one. I love it up in the woods behind our house. There are so many leaves to dig in and trees to naw on. I stop and listen to all the different bird sounds. There are these really big black ones that fly overhead and make a loud "Caw" sound. I sometimes run back to Mommie when I see them. One moring I jumped a little stream. Mommie posted it on her facebook page and lots of people liked it. We hike up to the back edge of our property then back down. On the way home I like to lead. I know the way all by myself. Our hike is only about .5 miles That's all I should do since I am a puppy. I could do more But Mommie says we I have to wait.

0700 When we get home, we go inside. I get a drink. I also get a drink from the stream we cross. That tastes good. Then I turn into what Mommie says is crazy dog. I run around, I steal shoes if they are not put away, I bark at my toys if they don't move or get stuck in the furniture, and I nip the heels and bite the pants of whomever comes close enough. When I get bad enough it means it's time for my first nap.

0800 Nap time in my crate. Mommie I think relaxes, or maybe she works. I know she doesn't clean the house because it is the same way when I get up as when I went to sleep. I think she writes and works outside.

1040 wake up and stretch. Mommie opens my crate but I usually just hang out for a few minutes before crawling out. I am not a moring person at first. Then we go right outside, if not, I might leave a gift or two for Mommie. She doesn't like them. She read somewhere, after she got me that Cattle Dogs are hard to house train. Ooops.

We play outside some more. I like my big green ball, the soccer ball, and the tennis ball. We switch between play and training, but Mommie makes it fun. I can sit, shake, lie down, stay for a few seconds, weave between Mommie's legs when she walks, come, touch, and left. Most of these I do regularly unless I am eating something from the compost pile I shouldn't be, then I ignore her. Mommie covered the pile so I can't get into any longer. We do all this before lunch.

1200 Nap time again.

1400 Wake up again, more play time and training outside. Sometimes Mommie works in the yard and I try to help. She fills in the holes I dig. I like to dig it deep and lie in it.

1600 Nap time, AGAIN. This time I usually see Mommie lying on the couch next to my crate. I think I wear her out.

1730 Wake, play and eat.

1900 Extreme crazy dog. I am not well liked this time of day. Mommie, Daddy, and anyone else try to be nice to me but all I want to do is play, bite, and run around the house as fast as I can. I get ignored a lot at this time.

2000 Bed time. When I get really out of control Mommie puts me in the crate in her room and shuts the lights off. I object only slightly then I go to sleep.


That is my typical day. Some really cool things I did this week was I did bark once to go outside to do my business and several times I rang the potty bells that hang from the door knob. I also slept through the night a couple times. Mommie was in a really good mood those mornings.

I went on a couple trips, once to the Bangor City Forest. That is a really nice place to walk. There are lots of trails, people, structures, and other dogs to see. We also saw some new plants starting to grow.

It was a fabulous week. I am growing and learning so much. Even though I have crazy times and leave gifts, Mommie and Daddy are so happy to have me. Check out these last couple of pictures to see how big I am getting.

Mommie says Happy Hiking.


Ziggy Specs - March 29 weighed 10.14 pounds, April 5 weighed 12.4 pounds, and April 12 weighed 14.8

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