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Trusty Tuesday

I am trying to be so clever. That's difficult for me to do. I am so plane-Jane and I want to be Artsy-Annie. I love the creative arts, all of it, music, dance, painting, song, crafting, writing, and anything else that's sparks imagination. I am not very good at it though, except crafting. I love to sing.

One time on our way home from church I was singing in the car and my dad said, "I wish you sang on the radio."

Awe, thanks Dad, that's nice!" I proudly replied.

He quipped, "So I could shut you off."

No one should ever see me dance. My painting is horrendous. For some reason what I envision is not what is left behind on the canvas. I may not be very good at the fine arts, including this blog, but I keep at it, because I enjoy it so much and I am not about to let anyone take that joy away.

My newest creative thought is coining catchy phrases for each day of the week. Monday was Montage Monday, today is Trusty Tuesday. I told hubby this and he replied, "I thought it was Taco Tuesday?" I reassured him tacos where still on the day's menu. We will see how the clever daily names go. You know me, I get bored easily.

For this week anyway, today is Trusty Tuesday adventure day. Instead of trying to come up with some place new to explore, I decided on a trail I know well and never fails to disappoint, in essence, is trustworthy. So, out back we went. 100 yards out our front door, up behind the barn, to a dirt road and out Mollie's Trail.

It was a quick mile and half jaunt. Hubby tagged along on his lunch break. before leaving we had our usual conversation, "Have you been out yet?" "What's the temp?" "I wonder what I need to wear?" "Yeah, that should be enough, it's not cold."

We dressed light, The Weather Channel said it was 41 degrees in our area, warm for this time of year. We stepped out the side door and immediately wondered who posted the days stats. It wasn't anyone local. The wind off the lake hit us like an arctic blast. We scurried to the front side of the house where it was like a completely different planet. The wind obviously picked up the cold air from the frozen lake and delivered it to our side door. Thanks Mother Nature.

Away from the lake, buffeted by the trees, we enjoyed a lunch time hike. The sun dodged the scattered clouds and the birds joined in chorus with each other from high in the hemlocks. I had never heard so many birds, so soon. It was quite pleasant.

We have lived here over 20 years, I have hiked this hike countless times and never tire of it. There is something comforting in the familiar. It's like a favorite sweatshirt that warms us on a cold day. Or the smell of cooking from Mom's kitchen reminding us dinner is almost ready. Or when you are back on a familiar interstate after you traveling on a road trip, letting you know you are almost home. There is little to now stress in the familiar. Maybe that's why I like to hike trails I have already done many times.

As we are approaching a month of this new way of life caused by the Corona virus, try to seek out the familiar. Things in our world are changing rapidly, but try ever so hard to hold on to those things that you find comforting and help you destress. Find your Trusty Tuesday "thing".

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Ps I almost forgot the daily dose of laughter.

Why can't you trust artists?

Because they are always a bit sketchy, a bit shady, and they will always try to frame you. I think you get the picture. - from Upjoke


Emily M Leonard
Emily M Leonard
Apr 01, 2020

Wacky Wednesday is correct. Throw Back Thursday and Fun Friday to follow.


Apr 01, 2020

What’s next? Wacky Wednesday? Thirsty Thursday? Freaky Friday?

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