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Out Schooled By A 7 Year Old

For one reason or another I always seem to have an excuse for not writing consistently. I'm too tired. It's too late. The internet isn't working properly. I don't feel well. Whatever the reason, it's my story and I am sticking to it. This time though, is because I feel too well!!! I am finishing up my medical leave, relaxing, tending to unfinished tasks that have plagued me, also a much needed road trip with Bruce for some R&R. After celebrating Pumpkin Patch's 23rd b-day and Bruce's 52nd with our wonderful neighbors and family we headed out bright and early the next day. First stop was in North Carolina to visit my dear friend Sharon. I slept in every day and took naps. We hiked almost ever

Moderation is the key

Well hello sunshine!!! What a beautiful Sunday afternoon it was yesterday. I finally broke out of my indoor slump and went for a walk. Most of you know my trail name is Black Bear for a host of reasons. One of those being I tend to hibernated when it is dark and too cold. I don't know if I am getting wimpier or the winters are getting tougher, either way, during the winter months I tend to stay inside. Not a good mix for someone who lives for the outdoors. Yesterday after church and breakfast I was at the kitchen sink where I can be found for several minutes sometimes hours per day. The sun was bright and the sky was dotted with white fluffy clouds. The window I was looking out frames the fr


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