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Poop Happens

Day 140

Thursday August 10, 2017

Miles: 1521.9 - 1534.1   Completed: 12.2

Weather: Cloudy, semi hot and humid

Tenting at N. Wilcox Mt. shelter

It was another fab day on the trail. Nice weather and varied terrain kept the spirits high. The only challenge is still finding good water sources. All the streams in the guide were dry except one. It emptied from a beaver pond so I wasn't too interested in drinking it. We were able to get good water at a shelter though. But that required a .25 mile hike down a steep trail then back up. It was good water so it was well worth the trip.

The trail provided once again. This time for Stoop. 

Shortcake and I were taking a break after I collected the water. Another hiker came up and we were chatting. He mentioned how he had broken one of his hiking poles that he uses to erect his tent. While at the shelter I had noticed an abandoned hiking pole just lying inside. Stoop was unable to see it from his vantage point. I passed it to him and the smile on his face was priceless. You'd thought he had just won the lottery. 

(Pic to come)

Water wasn't the only challenge for today. My personal issue was having to use the bathroom. Yup. It's something most people don't have to worry about in the real word and don't talk about either. Out here though it can be a chore. We can't just go to the nearest ladies or men's room and take care of business. If we are lucky and timing is right we can hit a privy. Most times we must dig a hole off trail. Today I was plugged up. I needed to go but couldn't. I tried several different times each time we passed a privy but each time I made an effort I thought I was going to blow a gasket straining so hard. I'd give up and hike on. With one mile left to hike the urge came upon me so fast I said to myself, "Now is not the time!!!" We were in the middle of a climb. Each time I stepped up I had to use opposite muscles to keep from releasing my bowels. It was quite a challenge. I knew a privy was ahead and I wanted to make it there. I did not feel like escavating a landfill. But with each step up and even down now I could feel the turtling effect. For those of you who do not know what that is I explain. It's when you have to go poop really bad and are trying not to but it starts to make its way out anyways then slips back in as you squeeze. Just like a turtles head goes in and out of its shell. Lucky my strength prevailed and I made it to the outhouse just in time. Even out here on the trail poop happens. 

Happy Hiking. 

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