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I wish you were on the radio

One day riding home from church with my dad, I was quite the chatter-box. I was talking and singing non-stop. Halfway home in between breaths, Dad squeezed in, "I wish you were on the radio." I was touched by his accolades for my entertainment in the art of singing and broadcasting that I beamed with pride. Before I could thank him for his compliment, he added, "So I could shut you off."

I rarely struggle with anything to say, or do for that matter. the opposite plagues me - that of being still and quiet. Even when I am doing nothing - my mind races or my hands fiddle with something. But right now, I can hear crickets in my head - and the howling wind outside. Maybe that is what's causing the vacuum between my ears.

Today is a bonus day for me. I thought yesterday was Thursday. In fact, all week I have been a day ahead. It wasn't until right before I was headed to bed early - I thought I had to leave for a trip - I realized last night was only Wednesday. I was so excited I stayed up another two hours. And since I thought I was going to be gone today, yesterday I completed all my necessary tasks I needed to do. Which freed today for more fun stuff.

I could do all the house work and yard work that needs to be done. But why do that when I am blessed with a bonus day. So I sat down to write today's blog post. I am really trying to uphold my word for the year - productivity. I finished a few important tasks from yesterday's list I didn't finish because I thought I had to go to bed early. No, I didn't use those two hours last night productively. I celebrated instead with cat cuddles and channel surfing.

So here I am two hours later after sitting down to write something worthy of your time and not much quality has appeared. CRICKETS!!!

This is new to me. Is this what writer's block is. Just like never being lost for spoken words, I don't usually have a hard time writing. After all, writing is just speaking on paper. And since writing involves tactile sense, I tend to be better at that than talking. My brain often freezes when my lips move. I keep talking though. I don't let my stumbling for words or (singing off key) stop me.

And that's the important lesson - It doesn't matter in life what we are struggling with we just need to keep going. Even if what we are doing is not what those around want to hear or see. There will be individuals who will want to shut you off or shut you out, but that's their loss. We are here for a reason. We are given talents and gifts to be used to benefit not just ourselves, but others also. Those gifts are not for everyone, but it's up to us to keep offering them even if we feel like we are just rambling and not making any sense. For those who want to turn off the radio or change the station, it just means our message was not for them. But there will be someone who will tune in and turn up the volume so they can hang on every word you say.

So what should we do with our bonus days? Fact: every day is a bonus day. How about using our talents to make the life of someone else better. How can I do that? I have my own struggles? I have no time. I do enough. I'm not even happy, how can I make someone else happy?

Maybe I am speaking to the choir and you already add value to others - great - tune out or check out a different blog because today isn't for you. But if you have an empty slate in the serving others department crank your radio. There are tons of ways you can make someone's day.

Disclaimer: I pale in comparison to the serving nature of my fellow friends. I tend to only do things within my comfort zone and what fits my schedule. But there is one way every day I make joyful music to those around me and you can to. It is so simple and yet so very hard at there same time. But all you have to do is smile. yes, that's right! just smile.

When you are walking in and out of a store, smile at the person going the opposite direction. Look up from your phone in line or in a waiting room. You don't even have to say anything just smile, even if you don't feel like it. Smile even larger if the other person looks grumpy, you don't know what they are going through. Smile even bigger than that if you are feeling cranky. If you are driving, wave at on coming traffic or at people you pass - yes, even that homeless person. Smile when talking on the phone - it makes a difference. Smile at serving behind the counter. Smile at the customer you are waiting on. Smile at your bratty teenager. Smile at your unruly parent. Just smile!

A smile is free and its notes play a sweet melody to the soul of the one it is intended for. Even if others are turning your radio off, keep turning it back on. When you are lost for words or for what to do, keep going - brainstorm - your talent with emerge. When you find your gift blast it for those who need to hear it.




I can totally see your dad saying that!!! LOL

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