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When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Bruce and I planned a weekend of backpacking to get some miles under our boots. I have been more than a little lazy about training for my section of an AT Relay. I am not worried about being able to complete my miles, I just want it not to be too painful. Our plans were to leave early Friday morning to have our feet on the trail by 8:00am hoping to get a good 15 miles of hiking in. We would choose a good stealth spot, spend the night. Saturday morning we would hike another seven or eight miles turn around and return to the same spot for a second night. Then Sunday hike back out. Our route was the Appalachian Trail southbound from Abol bridge near Millinocket. We were in the midst of packing

Ducks In The Pond

(Okay, I know they are loons not ducks. But whoever heard the saying “loons in the pond”) It’s about time I am back. Hopefully more consistently and without excuses. Due to some extended family drama I let consume the better of me, therefore took me away from my keyboard. One excuse is as good as another though. If it wouldn’t have been the drama it probably would have been something else. I am glad to be back in one of my happy places. If I am not writing then I like to be out escapading, discovering something new in a familiar place or unchartered territory outside my comfort zone. No matter what I am doing my mind never stops. Sometimes it can be exhausting. It seldom shuts off. I keep te


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