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You Can Never Be Too Careful

This past weekend I had a shopping excursion with my hubby. We went to Freeport to visit L.L.Bean and the outlet stores. On our way back we stopped in Bangor for a few last minute items before heading home. We had such a wonderful time our debit card bank called to check on us. Their message stated concerns about suspicious activity. It doesn't usually get that much use.

On our escapade a couple things happened prompting me to think about safety. The first was kind of funny but only if you have a dark sense of humor. In my case it surfaces once in awhile.

It was early Saturday morning when we began our shopping at L.L.Bean's flagship store. After finding all we wanted there we headed across the street to the outlet stores. The brick courtyard was quiet except for us and one other couple who was stopped taking a photo. Our attention soon focused on the same subject. A falcon had claimed it's prey and was keeping an eye on his spectators. He looked like he was not about to share.

Apparently a poor pigeon flew into a store's sign knocking itself out. Then it dropped stunned to the ground. This was a blessing in disguise for the little bird as it was unaware of the falcon's intent to consume it for breakfast. We did not see the pigeon's plight but the other couple in the courtyard told us the story. All I could picture was a scene from a RoadRunner cartoon and chuckled. Don't get me wrong, I am a nature lover but I also understand the circle of life.

Back in Bangor we stopped at BJ's for a few groceries and gas. Bruce went one way and I another to speed up the process. As I was cruising through one isle I noticed a man a few years my senior staring at me. I smiled and continued on. He blocked my exit slightly and approached me commenting on how cute my hair was. Instantly I felt that weird sensation in the pit of my gut. He continued his conversation approaching closer and touched my arm. I was polite but continued my escape. I proceeded down another isle and there he was again, this time with, I guessed his wife. She was engrossed in sampling the promotional item being served so she didn't notice him winking at me. Yucky! Guys don't do that! Most women really don't want to be hit on by strange older men. I looked the other way and took off searching for Bruce.

It really was a day about safety. Once I was done giggling at the pitiful sight I thought how the pigeon's flight and error in judgement relates to life and how you can never be too careful. Then how a harmless conversation in a store could turn bad if too much information is shared. I am a happy go lucky kind of gal but sadly I am often reminded that you can never to too careful.


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