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Let The Escapades Begin

It's amazing how much energy you have when you are chasing a goal. I crawled into the rack a little after midnight. Siri had my alarm set for 6:00am. With the first note of her awakening me, I asked hubby if he was ready to get up. Unanimously, we jumped out of bed and began making it without a word. It was like clockwork. We didn't need to speak, it is a task we do daily together.

With less than 6 hours of sleep we were refreshed. Any other day we would be whining and complaining about the loss of sleep, especially last week when we were robbed of that precious hour from the clock reset. But not today! We have a goal, we start my current grande escapade. Whenever I have a mission or I am chasing my newest dream I always seem to have the energy and stamina of a two year old. Who needs mind altering substances when all you need to do is find a dream worth living for.

I am heading to the mountains with the help and support of my husband, Bruce, our two boys, Stephen and Patch, and countless other family and friends.

Thank you Sharon, aka Shortcake, my hiking buddy, for the John Muir quote T-Shirts. We will arrive at your house in Asheville, NC to pick you up tomorrow evening.

For you my readers, thank you for tagging along. My disclaimer: from today until I return in October, typos, grammar, and tech issues are not my fault. Okay maybe they are, but I ask for your patience in this area. Once I shut down my iMac in a couple minutes I will only be posting from my iPhone and occasionally from my iPad. Add that with exhaustion from a long, but fun a day's hike the quality of my writing tends to suffer more than usual.

The mountains are calling and I must go - John Muir

Happy Hiking


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