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A Difficult Day of Up, Up, and Up.

Day 18 April 10, 2017

Mile: 137.1 - 147.4

Weather: Warm, sunny and hot

Tenting at Locust Cove Gap

Today was a very difficult 6.8 miles. It went up, up, and up for every. We made it to our original destination but despite our fatigue we decided to push on. We made it before all the good tent spaces were occupied. 

We leap frogged with a great group of hikers today. Characters are developing on the trail. Some annoy the heck out of us and zap every ounce of spare energy we have. Then there are others like the crew we leap-frogged with that inspire and uplift. 

Second hand wacky-weed smoke is almost a daily occurrence. We can't seem to get away from it. 

Saw frosty today. He was the only snow left from the storm a few days ago. We were fortunate enough to be off trail for it. 

Happy Hiking. 

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