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Not Much To Read Here Folks Move Along

Day 22

Friday April 14, 2017

7:30am - 5:00pm

Miles: 177.0 - 189.0

Hot & Sunny

Tented at Derrick Knob Shelter

4882 Feet Elevation

Great Smoky Mountains

Second day in the Smoky's was just another day on the trail. Neither Shortcake nor I had any wow moments. We just put in our miles to get to the next destination.

But we did see a deer as we left camp in the morning and there were lots of pretty flowers again today. 

Soon after we entered the Smoky's the landscape changed from a dull, brown, lifeless forest to a lush, green, flower blanketed ground.

The weather as been fantastic, hot and sunny but that makes for limited water sources so we have to carry enough to hydrate us for the day until we reach the shelter area.

There were spectacular views today. One in particular was Rocky Top. When I summited there was a couple there and he was Playing the song "Rocky Top Tennessee" so I recorded a video of the view with that playing. 

Black Bear and Shortcake at Rocky Top. 

Happy Hiking.

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