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Basecamp Again

Day 31

Sunday April 23, 2017

Mile: 273.4 - 279.3

11:44am - 2:37pm

Wet, rainy, and windy

Since all our gear is soaked and it is raining we decided to hike a nero day today and sleep at basecamp again. So glad we did.

Not only did we hike very little, we slack packed. That is taboo is the world of a purist AT thru hiker but we fancied it today. Slack packing is when you hike miles with the lightest pack possible and retrieve the rest of your gear at day's end. It allowed us a day to rest and still do miles. 

What normally would have been a miserable day on the trail was quite fun knowing we would be indoors and able to dry out. 

Happy Hiking. 

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