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Calorie Loading is Awesome

Day 48

Wednesday May 10, 2017

Zero Miles Hiked

Dinner at basecamp for two

Today we did nothing except rest, a few errands, and eat. Today was really hot outside and I spent time in the kitchen cooking. It was worth every degree and drop of sweat. We make sure we eat as much as we can. Calorie loading is just awesome. We have each lost 10 pounds so far and we count calories. But not the normal way. Instead of making sure we are under a certain number we focus on just how many calories we can ingest on our days off to help make up for the deficiency while on the trail. 

KFC buffet

For lunch we ate at KFC and had two huge plates each. Then I made the above meal for supper. I also made chocolate chip date but bars for dessert. 

Hiking lots of miles has its advantages. 

Happy Hiking. 

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