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Sharing Is Always A Fun Time

Day 49

Thursday May 11, 2017

Zero Miles

Sleeping at basecamp 

I love zero days. Even better when one zero day is followed by a second zero. It's nice to get off trail and re-energize our bodies and spirits.

I did a few more chores of repacking my pack and preparing resupply bags for future drops by Batman. I took another wonderful soak in the tub with Dr. Teal. I also polished my boots. I wonder if I am the only hiker who actually cleans and polishes their footwear every chance I get. I wasn't in the military but I do come from a long history of family members who served and still are. 

The highlight of the day was FaceTiming with a fabulous group of students from Glenburn Elementary School in Glenburn, Maine. My coworker Darnel's daughter Elyse has been following us. She invited us to speak to her class next chance we had. Shortcake's and my early arrival into Damascus gave us three days at basecamp so we scheduled a call.

Shortcake and Black Bear FaceTiming. 

The class had wonderful and inquisitive questions. It was so much fun sharing our adventure with them remotely. It also helped remind us why we are out here. Sometimes when you set out on a journey it's exciting in the beginning. Then after awhile you forget what made you do it in the first place. Challenges and struggles start to cloud your vision. But answering all their questions and retelling stories  brought back all the joy we had been having before the wet, cold weather got in the way. It is so important to keep the dream alive if you want to succeed. There will always be bad weather no matter what we do in life. It's how you handle yourself in the storm that will determine where you go. Don't let it blow you around. If you must turn your sails around, find another route or mode of transportation that's okay. Just don't lose sight of your goal. 

Thank you Elyse for inviting us to your class.

Happy Hiking. 

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