We Should Become Carnivores

Day 47

Tuesday May 9, 2017

Miles: 447.5 - 470.1

7:42am - 6:30pm

Weather: Rain to cloudy and humid then rain. 

Made it to Damascus, VA

Sleeping at basecamp 

The rain pitter-pattered all night upon our tent. It was a soothing and comforting sound that helped lull me back to sleep each time I woke from discomfort. It stopped just in time for us to get up. Thank goodness because I despise packing up in the rain. It's one thing to have a wet tent to stuff away. It's a totally different task to do it while it's raining.

Our luck was short lived. We had everything packed except the tent and were just about to enjoy our trail breakfast of smushed and crumbled snack bars when the pitter-pattered started again. We grabbed our stuff and dove into the tent to finish our meal. 

Once the shower passed we once again emerged from our quarters and were able to pack up in between droplets. We weren't on t