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Sometimes The Short Days Are The Longest

Day 67

Memorial Day May 29, 2017

Miles: 676.5 - 687.0    Miles Completed 10.5

Time: 7:57pm - 3:30pm


What a wonderful three day weekend we spent with Bruce. He needs a break from reality also. Two of those days he slack packed us which is always a treat.

Even though we were carrying almost empty packs and only did ten and a half miles it took us thirty minutes shy of 8 hours to complete the day's miles. Sometimes the short days are the longest. I don't know why. The terrain wasn't particularly difficult. As a matter of fact it was quite enjoyable, scenic, and easy. At one time while on the ridge I had full cell service and spent my time calling Stephen and Patch and also texting while I hiked. That's not always wise to do. The last time I texted while hiking I fell flat on my face after tripping on a root. But today I felt confident in my steps on the smooth trail.

300 Year Old Keefer Oak

When Batman joins us he usually parks the car at the day's destination and hiked south to meet us sometimes hiking more miles then we do. If he camps with us he will join us in the morning as we begin. That's what he did this beautiful Memorial Day morning. He wanted to see the old oak tree mentioned in the guide book. It is 18 feet around and over 300 years old. She is pretty amazing. As I stood under her wide and expansive canopy I let me thoughts drift to wonder thinking about all the history she has seen.

She has some failing branches, bumps and bruises but don't we all. The battle scars of life. They show that we have lived and have stories to tell. The larger and more numerous usually means a better story.

At the end of a very long short day Batman had scoped out the perfect tent site for us next to a stream. It's location was right off the trail 100 yards from the road. But because it was down over a very small hump it was indictable for passerbys. It was perfect!

Happy Hiking. 

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