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800 Miles But Whose Counting

Day 77 Thursday June 8, 2017 Miles: 784.9 - 800 Completed 14.1 Time: 7:52am - 5:15pm Weather: Cloudy, cool but humid What a great time at the Stanimal hostel. Our caretakers Donna and Bob, also the shuttle driver were superb. Not too many hostels strive for cleanliness but they were the exception. Their friendliness and hospitality was warming. It felt like being at home. Good thing we were rested up. Two thirds of today's hike was uphill. I like it, I love it, I want some more of it. We made 800 miles today 

What a journey it has been so far. It's only because we have seasoned legs, bodies, souls, and minds that we easily climbed the peaks of today. The previous 799 miles, up hills, descents, obstacles and challenges have prepared us for that 800th mile and each additional step we take gets us ready for what is to come. It's no different in the real world. We may not like some of the things we have to do, like work, getting along with difficult people, cancer, sickness, loss of employment, etc but each challenge we face prepares us for bigger hurdles. All we have to do to succeed is to put one foot in front of the other, get back up when knocked down, and or just not quit. Eventually you will make it thru the rocks of life just to do it all over again. Just remember that without struggle there is no growth. Even the little chick emerging from its egg needs to do it alone to become stronger. If he is helped, he won't survive. True fact. 800 miles under our boots. It whose counting? You betcha we are counting. Tomorrow we take our first step towards another mile in preparation for whatever peak, valley or challenge that awaits us. Happy Hiking.  

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