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I Couldn't Stop Taking Pictures

Day 78 Friday June 9, 2017 Miles: 800 - 813.0 Time: 7:24am - 4:15pm Weather: Partly Cloudy, humid, and breezy Tenting Today was almost a low photo day. I didn't feel too much like taking pics. No reason other than I was just enjoying the hike. If yesterday was 2/3 uphill then today was 3/4 uphill. But again I like that. The trail was easy to navigate but I will admit with 1 mile to go on the long climb my quads were asking for a break. But once we stopped, rested and had lunch I was ready to finish the day strong. I feel really great physically. I have reached a point where my fully loaded pack is hardly noticeable. I still like to slack pack though. Just because my back may not notice the weight my knees and feet at the end of the day do. The almost bare bald was a great surprise today. I hadn't read that in the guide. When we reached the open air it was spectacular. I couldn't stop taking pictures. The blue sky dotted with happy white fluffy clouds made the perfect back drop for the tall meadow grass. We could see for miles in almost a 360 panorama.

That sight was so awe inspiring but my two favorite pictures for today was of a sun fish guarding his nest and of a bee on a flower. 

Tomorrow I get to see Batman. I love the weekends! Happy Hiking 

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